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A bit of Decadence at 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

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22769 ~ [bauwerk] very recently added an ornament to this collection called the ‘Brutus Lamp’ so I rezzed it and thought – wow!  Then delving into the depths of my inventory (a dangerous and laggy place) I found the rest of the ‘Decadence is Bliss’ collection. It’s brilliant and I’m sure you’ll think so too!

Here’s the ‘Concert Grand Piano’ which has open and closed versions, plus the ‘Concert Grand Stool’ which is filled with a number of suitable animations in true 22769 style (Concert Grand open – LI 13/11 Prims, Concert Grand closed – LI 9/7 Prims, Concert Grand Stool – Li 2/2 Prims. The skull book holders and Lily vase  are part of the separate ‘Console set’ (LI 2/1 Prim and LI 5/2 Prims).  By the side of the piano is the ‘Kraken Dinner Table’, again a separate part of this collection which comes with dining chair complete with 10 animations (Table – LI 4/2 Prims, Chair – LI 3/2 Prims).

Decadence grand piano and ornaments


This is the bureau from the Console set, beautiful  fleur-de-lys detailing on the drawers. The ‘Skull Black Chair’ (LI 10/3 Prims) seen from the front and if viewed from the back, its in the shape of a skull. The chair has 11 single sit animations which are very expressive.

Decadence bureau and ornaments


Here’s that fabulous chair again, accompanied by the ‘Kraken End Table’ in black. There’s also a silver version (both LI 7/2 Prims).

Decadence Kraken table and skull chair

A lot of items here. Firstly there’s the ‘Decadence Leather Sofa’ which has a PG version and an adult version (both LI 18/4 Prims).  15 single animations and 9 couple animations on the PG version, all those plus 9 male/female adult , 8 male/male Adult  and 9 female/female Adult animations on the adult version – so pretty decadent 🙂  Ornaments I haven’t mentioned before – a stunning violin in case and this is a daft 2LI/2 prims only for all that detail. And sitting patiently by the side of the sofa is the ‘Brutus Lamp’ which started off the whole photography session.

Decadence sofa and ornaments

All furniture from the ‘Decadence is Bliss’ collection is copy/modify. Many thanks to Arrchie for modeling in as decadent a manner as possible given the PG rating of my blog 🙂

Cheers, m’dears 🙂




Written by Moz Loordes

19/09/2014 at 4:23 pm

Posted in Furniture

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  1. Gorgeous lamp and perfect spot for a little serenading! Enjoy your weekend 😀


    19/09/2014 at 4:27 pm

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