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Cosmopolitan Sale Room 21/02 Decor

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Showcasing some fantastic bargains from the current round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room, which ends 14th September so you’ve still got time to check these out 🙂

Storax Tree… all these five items from the Napa Valley range are priced at only 50L$. They are so detailed and fit the rustic theme perfectly that they are an absolute steal.  Two varieties of  Night Stands which are 8 land impact each and transfer with a resizer script :-

Napa Valley Night Stand Ba

Napa Valley Night Stand Aa

Two varieties of Bureau which are 12 land impact each, transfer and have a resizer script. Great level of detail on these and I wonder what the telescope is for? Maybe to look out for more mice :-

Napa Valley Bureau Ba

Napa Valley Bureau Aa

And a light wood version of the Napa Valley bed which I’ve showcased a couple of times before. It’s 25 land impact, copy with a resizer script and texture change for all the pieces (except for the pillows) in toning colours. There are PG animations and props for singles and couples. Can’t believe this is only 50L$… are we mad?!? Don’t answer that 🙂

Nature's Bliss Napa Valley Bed Lt Wood L

Fast becoming a favorite designer of mine, BananaN have come up with these stylish Table Trunks which are –  tables in the form of trunks *laughs*. Now I say that jokingly but these look really good and can bring an element of humour to your decor. Available in 3 sets of 2 tables you can have black and white,  blue and orange or pink and green. These are copy and resizable and come in at 3 land impact. Each set is 129L$.

BananaN 2

BananaN 1

That’s all for this post so I will say… Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

08/09/2014 at 2:26 pm

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