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Hello Tuesday #23

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Another ‘Hello Tuesday’ event on the Cosmopolitan sim, with lots of gorgeous bargains for all 🙂 The vendors are outside the actual stores, not the Sale Room itself so walk around and check them all out.

Here’s some of the Menswear. [G i o M E N] have this fab zip up cardigan in grey for only L$50. Can’t be bad! It’s offered in the standard 5 sizes XS to XL with an excellent alpha and you can wear it oversized or natural depending on mood. I’ll use this a lot I’m sure.

[G i o M E N] gray zip up

Munereia’s bargain is the ‘Tranquility’ set of casual top and trousers. The set comes with various alphas so if you’re wearing the two pieces you’ll only need the one alpha for the lot. There’s a HUD which gives choices as to the side textures and shading on both the top and the trousers.  You can dress this set up or down with various shoes/deck shoes/sneakers. Very nice 🙂

Munereia - Tranquility

HUD mun

I just had to get this for my porch! [RnB Designs Furniture] ‘Perching Robins’ come in at 7 land impact and a whole lot of options. They sing in adjustable volumes, on/off, you can put them on all the time or set  day or night, either loop the sounds or have them sing every now and then. Extreme cuteness for a mere L$50!

[RnB Designs Furniture] perching robins

I’ve blogged a variety of these beds from Storax Tree before. They are extremely detailed and well textured so I included a close-up. The  ‘Nature’s Bliss Napa Valley Bed’ totals 25 land impact and has masses of texture options in toning colours. There are around 20 PG poses for singles, couples and trio – some of which are most amusing – complete with wine bottles and even a blanket to throw over the unconscious. Brilliant!  Two varieties as follows…

Napa Valley bed S

Napa Valley bed Q

And the close-up. Somehow, a robin has got in here as well!

Napa Valley close up

That’s all for today. Cheers, m’dears 🙂





Written by Moz Loordes

19/08/2014 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Fashion, Furniture

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