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Cosmopolitan Sale Room – decor

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Some of the fine decor that can be had for bargain prices during the present round of the CSR, on from now until July 5th.

Myrrine’s offer is a set of bronze, metal and silver wall clocks that run on SL time. To change the time simply click the clock and when the menu pops up, click the arrows right to toggle the minute pointer forward, or arrows left to toggle the minute pointer backwards. You can also toggle to show a hover text of the time. Very nice!

Myrinne clock_bronze

Myrinne clocks

Some wonderful offers from Storax Tree, many thanks Kate!  First up is an illuminated art work which will brighten up any wall you might have, it’s a warm Tuscan scene for a mere 2 land impact.

Storax Tree_Art Illuminated Tuscan

Some more artwork, this time a set of wall panels called ‘Italian Sunset’ and these are 2 land impact so will go anywhere you would like this beautiful depiction.

Storax Tree_Italian Art

Feline Treasure Naptime, cats on mats in a very cute fashion! There’s a calico cat and a ginger tabby cat, each napping with their capnip bag securely held 🙂  These cuties are 3 land impact each.

Storax Tree_kits

The Simple Elegance Wall Cupboard comes in at 4 land impact and look at how much you get! Hanging cups, ornaments and folksie wooden doors – I just loved this and it’s hanging in my kitchen, pride of place 🙂

Storax Tree_wall cupboard1

That’s all for this session, so until next time…

Cheers, m’dears 🙂




Written by Moz Loordes

28/06/2014 at 9:31 pm

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