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Lounge about in Lace!

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Another lovely furniture post!

This time I’m featuring the Chaise Lounger LACY by Fi’s Creations and here’s her blog. This lounger is on offer for the February run of The Kollective, a collaboration between designers and bloggers with fab results. The theme for February was Cold Blustery Winter.

I think Fi managed to combine the theme colours admirably. There’s great scripting here with a texture changer for all sofa parts including frame, back piece and side arm in ice blue and soft pink so you can go with the one colour and lace throw or multi colours and lace throw. The cushions are separately scripted too in four theme colours –  lilac, ice, rose and pink. I didn’t find any sort of lagging with the scripts – nice.

Three sit animations and eight relax/laying animations that can also loop in combinations are another fun thing to fiddle with. In fact this lounger’s a whole lot of fiddling!  I like it a lot 🙂 It was easy to alter the poses to fit via the HUD using XYZ co-ordinates. A few clicks and you’re done. Here’s me relaxing on the ice blue version.

Chaise Lounger LACY Fi's Creations

Of course I only have to turn my back in this place and one of my darn cats is on the lounger! Sharlene chose the rosy pink version with toning cushions and she only has three poses – collapse, mate and eat. Poor Sharlene, taking her name in vain here as only today she presented me with a new Copper Bengal kitten with Odyssey Rainbow eyes – wow! Come to think of it, I do pretty well with collapse, mate and eat.

Chaise Lounger LACY 2 Fi's Creations

Chaise Lounger LACY is partial mesh and has a Land Impact of 15. Do go over and visit The Kollective soon, lots of lovely exclusive things to indulge in – shapes, skins, jewelry sets (one from yours truly), furniture and all sorts. It’s on from now until 26th February.

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

31/01/2014 at 6:22 pm

Posted in Furniture, Jewelry

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