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Liquid Mesh from Redgrave – an exploration

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(originally posted on aman4allseasonssl and transfered over)

I wanted to look at an innovation in design from the Redgrave group.  Got some information from Dean Ashby of Redgrave and a couple of designs to try out.

What’s so different about these mesh clothing items? Well, if you’ve ever experienced the sheer frustration of matching mesh pants up with shoes and boots so that it looks natural and nothing sticks out or looks peculiar, then you’ll love these items because… they are adjustable!   Yes, you did read that correctly. Within certain parameters you can adjust Liquid Mesh products (LQMesh) with sliders.  But that’s not the only thing – and wait for this – LQMesh automatically adjusts to body shape so no more working out which size of Mesh you want or adjusting your body shape to accommodate a standard sizing. Keep your unique shape! Can this really be true?!

Dean says that LQMesh is in its first stages and that Redgrave would appreciate if we direct comments and suggestions to him so that they can make improvements. Try out the products as demos first and see how we get on.

Open the box and you’ll find one size and associated alpha layers. Sometimes you’ll find a second product version that will cover even more shape settings. Try it on and it may fit correctly right away. Remember, LQMesh adjusts automatically to your body shape.

Here’s Dean again… “But we went even further. The mesh also follows certain body shape sliders. That means you can even resize our product with your shape which is not possible with any other mesh up to this point. You can try that by right-clicking your avatar, select “Edit my shape”, choose the tab “Legs” and then for e.g. change the slider “Leg muscles”.

And his advice for the shoe/boot problem?
“If your shoe sticks through our mesh pants you just go to “Edit my shape” then choose “Legs” –> “Foot size”. Moving this slider will make the pants cuffs wider or smaller.”

So far, so great! What sort of things can you adjust for? Body Fat, and Legs in particular – leg muscles, butt size, saddle bags, knee angle and foot size.

As you might imagine, I was intrigued and I had to try it out. There’s a small collection of  LQMesh products at the moment  – some nice beach sets, classic jeans, heavy wash jeans, beanie hat and  Henley sweaters. Have a look on Marketplace – here.

I tried out the Classic Jeans and Belts set (3 varieties of both with regular and wider waist versions) and the Cargo Outfit Mike consisting of ultra baggy shorts with matching belt and two versions of vintage tank top in LQMesh plus leather bracelet. Jeans pack is L$350 and the Cargo pack is L$320, very reasonable price for all the good stuff you receive.

My verdict?

There are limitations to LQMesh due to SL technical parameters. The maximum setting for body fat is 18 and the belly size is 5 but combinations within these parameters are possible. For butt size Redgrave recommend that we don’t go lower than 50. With that in mind I tried on the Classic Jeans. Here they are from the front view.

Redgrave jeans front

The jeans came with 4 alpha layers, I was in between layers 1 and 2. If you get these layers too big, then you’ll get gaps showing in the skin at centre front between the fly and the side waistband. If it had been an ordinary mesh I’d have gone to layer 2 and altered the pelvis area on my shape to fit.  With the Redgrave jeans I went into ‘edit’ and fiddled about with some of the designated sliders – it was amazing because the jeans themselves were altering and not my body shape as such. For instance, I had these sneakers on with laces that stuck out so I used Dean’s tip and altered the foot size from zero up to 33.  Here’s the result.

Redgrave jeans cuffs

And here’s the finished waistline – these now fit as well as a clothing layer. I couldn’t see any gaps or alphas showing at all. Adding the belt and it went very neatly into the waistband under the belt straps. Wow, my modeling teacher, Bety, would be pleased at that! A perfect fit.

Redgrave jeans belly

Now, for the butt. This is such a sticking point with standard Mesh. Unless the designers (and some of them do) texture this area in a three dimensional way, the butt invariably looks as flat as a pancake. Not very appealing. So… does my butt look big in this? *laughs*  It certainly looks well shaped now!

Redgrave jeans back

Next, I opened the Mike Cargo outfit… this contained alphas for the pants, the vintage t-shirts and a combo for them both. I put these on and did nothing to them as the fit was really good. There’s a matching non-LQMesh bracelet which I liked, too. I did go into ‘edit’ and fiddle with the sliders again and you could make the legs bigger to compensate if you’d been massively working out or something and had attained calf muscles to rival Atlas.  Here’s the combo outfit from the front.  I must say that the detail of the texturing is very, very good as in the Redgrave products generally.

Redgrave cargo front

There was one fault that I picked out and this was on the t-shirt. It happened when the avatar shoulders were in a rounded position as you brought the arms forward and what happened here was that the top of the armholes would squash in and make the straps appear narrower, the same sort of problem that you’d have on a clothing layer, say. But this is a minor niggle and would only apply to a small percentage of  avatar positions and be important in runway productions.

As with the jeans, the butt looked good again, rounded and natural. If you’d like to try these out as demos or buy some of them indeed, send any comments to Dean Ashby so that Redgrave can keep developing what I consider to be a huge improvement in Mesh apparel.

Regrave cargo back

Until next time, Cheers m’dears!

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01/10/2013 at 11:57 am

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