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[bauwerk] and 22769 for September

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(originally written on aman4allseasonssl and transfered over )

Received a massive bloggers pack from Paco this month and it was full of extremely good stuff so I had some fun tonight and attempted to do it justice.

Having mastered Blender a long while back, Paco and Manu have finally purchased another sim, this one dedicated to the [bauwerk] furniture label.  I really love their mesh furniture, its quirky, well made, often themed and always low land impact. Furniture at its best!

The Globetrotter set is the latest [bauwerk] release and it’s a vintage set that’ll have you dreaming of exploring the globe, planning an expedition and generally reminiscing on your latest trip abroad. The centerpiece must be the Traveling Trunk chest with 15 single and 9 couple poses. It’s texture change for the cushions – taupe, teal, violet, green, neutral, red, blue, brown and creme.

Dreaming of Travel

Joining the trunk we’ve got suitcase and traveler storage drawers, vintage magazines, a choice of vintage planes with LI 1 and LI 3 would you believe, and a map picture which I enlarged at the back of this tableau.  Globetrotter is mesh with materials enabled and is copy/modify so you can rez as many drawers as you want! Available now at the [bauwerk] mainstore.

Do you have fond memories of childhood camps, more specifically boy scout camps? What fun! For the September run of THE CHALLENGE the theme was teenage years. [bauwerk] produced the Boy Scout Camp set, with authentic 3 legged stools, lantern, campfire and tent. The items are all mesh, materials enabled and are copy/modify. I put the whole lot out for only 20 LI, wonderful. You can buy these items separately as well.

Scout Camp 1

The tent has 14 single animations and 6 animations for two avatars for when you’re camping out with a friend. The 3 legged stool has 11 sitting poses to suit all camping activities and a few more! You can switch the fire and lantern glow on and off.

Scout Camp 3

Here’s the fire switched off and the lantern flickering in the last of the embers. I expect there’s dew on the grass as the morning light greets our happy campers! Get your Boy Scout Camping set – here.  If you would like to read more about THE CHALLENGE which is a monthly themed furniture and accessories extravaganza, here’s their blog.

Scout Camp 2

Now on to the Mens Dept offering. We have both a set of men’s sportwear from the 22769 label and a choice of three [bauwerk] video arcade machines which have 9 fun animations in them and include an easy adjustment facility, making them great for photography work.

First up is Derpy Kong in which Mozart is battling with the machine whilst endeavoring to look super cool in the green variety of the 22769 Sweatpants and Over Head Tank. The sportswear is available in three colors – green, red and gray  – and can be bought separately so that it’s possible to mix n match.

Derpy Kong

Having thrashed Derpy Kong, Mozart tries his hand at Rocks in Space or at least he will when he’s stopped posing. You won’t need an alpha for the top, it fits without one and like the pants, comes in the 5 standard SL sizes.

Rocks In Space

I think this animation made me laugh the most. It’s just what you feel like when you’ve overdosed on Second Life *laughs* and that’s what this video arcade machine is called. At only 2 LI you can afford to put one practically anywhere. And here’s the red version of the 22769 Sweatpants and Over Head Tank.

Second Life omg

All three machines are available now at the Mens Dept, along with the excellent sportswear.

Until next time, cheers m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

01/10/2013 at 12:01 pm

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