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Hanging on the Telephone

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In between recovering from lagging around Fantasy Faire 2013 (and I’m being rude because I wasn’t lagging nearly so much yesterday) I had lots of fun photographing new wares from three of my favorite designers.

Firstly, a great photo prop from 22769 [bauwerk] called Telephone which retails at L$110.  It’s filled with 10 single animations and is 4 prims/Land Impact 2. These are alterable for both position and rotation and will fit almost any avatar size with a bit of fiddling,  I would have thought. This great prop is still on at April’s Mens Dept sale. After then, go to the Flagship store.

Chris from WL 2

Secondly, another stylish and dare I say, cool hair from Carina of Amacci. Called Mason, it is at a reduced price for MWFW (L$149) and comes in 54 colours.  Only there until 27th April and then at Amacci Mainstore. You need a hairbase to wear with this one but Carina has thoughtfully supplied those with the hairs.

Chris reverse WL

Last but by no means least, the new skin from Emilia Redgrave. It’s called Chris. At the moment, only available in the Tan shade but it has loads of options – 5 beards, bodyhair and hairless chest, burnt-in-skin hairbase, scalp, and as layers – blond brows, eye shadow tan-booster.. smooth and bronze. If you use the tan boosters it’s like having another shade anyway. As I always do, I took some pictures on Midday setting and some on various Windlight settings so as to get a really good idea of what the skin will look like inworld.

Chris on Midday

I would suggest you try the demo first – here it is on Marketplace.  Now there is a modable Chris Shape to go with the skin and a demo of this is included with the skin demo above. The Chris shape is L$390 and the Chris skin with options as a package is L$1490. That’s good value for all the options considering you might pay over that price  just for one skin option from other designers.

Chris closeup WL

Will you have to change your shape for this skin? I favour various LaVie, Birth and Akeruka skins in which I don’t change anything. In this Redgrave skin I did make a small alteration to the lips only and still managed to get that half smile that is so cute! If you have to do this (and it might not even be needed) then remember to take a copy of your current shape and then alter that one and keep it with the skin. That way you won’t be hunting all over the place in the depths of your inventory looking for the darn thing and you’ll still have your original shape. Yes, learned this from bitter experience 🙂

Oh, and I nearly forgot – jeans are by GlamDammit – clothing layer jeans to show off a real butt (lol and you did ask for them) from the Tease range.

Chris front WL

redgrave - chris - options

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

25/04/2013 at 3:26 pm

Posted in Fashion

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