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Fantasy Faire 2013 part two – Relay for Life

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Went visiting at the Fantasy Faire yesterday and couldn’t help but pick up a few items!  This is a ‘Relay for Life’ event on behalf of the American Cancer Society and all the store holders have special items out.  In 2012 a total of  US$375,385 was raised and it was the 8th relay – an amazing amount.  You can read more about previous years on the Wiki page.

Although my computer is not really up to scenic photos I attempted a few shots of the two sims we visited. First is DragonSpire – a fascinating underground cave build with loads of crystals.

DragonSpire crystal caves

Secondly, a shot from the Titans Hollow sim, sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron – the most beautiful build I have seen in a long time. Don’t get worried about the glass floors – you can walk on them! They are like mirrors to the underworld beneath.

Titans Hollow

This Mesh outfit from FATEwear is called Feredir – Quagmire. An outfit suitable for Elven hunting garb. It comes in three colourways – chocolate (the one I’m wearing), blue and green. It is a RFL item and you can pay what you wish from 300 lindens upwards. I have never seen an outfit like it in which the whole Mesh encompasses the body so you wear one alpha and one mesh – even the boots are included. Feredir has options of with or without cloak. You’ll find FATEwear on  Titan’s Hollow

FATEwear - Feredir-Quagmire2

The hair is by Wasabi Pills and is called Erik. There is a RFL version which is pale crystal colourways of mint, pale purple and pale blue that would be great for fantasy wear but being the staid bastard that I am, I bought my usual browns 🙂 On Magnifcat sim sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc. Going to wear this hair a lot and not just for prancing around the forest.

FATEwear - Feredir-Quagmire

Ears are the same as in my previous post – Elven Pointed Ears with colouring HUD by 22769 – perfect for any skin. Lo and behold I managed to colour them correctly as well. On Lumenaria sim sponsored by Solarium.

Going to try out the next two sims today so wish me good fortune in my epic fight with lag and old computers!

Cheers, m’dears!

Written by Moz Loordes

23/04/2013 at 1:56 pm

Posted in Chat, Fashion

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