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22769 at the Fantasy Faire 2013

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The 2013 Fantasy Faire is on now until the 28th April. Many items there are exclusive to the Faire and won’t be repeated in the designer stores so it’s well worth a visit. The sims look amazing in themselves, let alone all the goodies for sale! Also, see their blog and here’s the main landing point on the Lumenaria sim.

22769’s Paco and Manu admit that the Faire was well out of their comfort zone because they had not made specific items for fantasy wear but I, for one, think they have done an amazing job.

Now, you’ll only find these items at the Fantasy Faire – the Pavilion, the Royal Room and the Royal Crown.




Dressing up as a passable Legolas, I’m wearing one of the outfits created especially for the Faire. The Leather and Brocade Coat and Pants  come in a variety of shades – black, purple, red, and green. It’s a great outfit to wear and very elegant thus befitting an Elf!  Bet you could easily wear this in other scenarios as well.

leatherbrocadecoatpants - black

leatherbrocadecoatpants - purple

There’s two shapes of Elven ears that come with a colouring HUD and a copious notecard of instructions so you can’t fail to match up skin colours (thanks Manu – it’s his first HUD and well done I have to say). If I can manage to get a good match – and I’m a virtual technophobe – then so can you. I chose the ‘pointed’ set and there’s also a ‘young’ set of more leafy shaped ears.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits! This is the Taurus chair (and it comes in four colours including white and this dramatic black) . It’s from the Bauwerk furniture range and on display at the Zodiac event. Running from 20 April – 15 May 2013 – there’s plenty of time to peruse the wares. They have a blog (naturally!) and here’s the main landing Slurl on the Mint Tulip sim. I must say, I really like this chair. It creates atmosphere and makes for a good talking point when showing visitors your decoration skillz 🙂

Bauwerk Taurus chair

Just for your records…

22769 Flagship Store – here

22769 on Marketplace – here

22769 blog – here

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

21/04/2013 at 4:10 pm

Posted in Fashion

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