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All vintage ‘n cosy @ 22769

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Did I mention that I love 22769’s stuff?  The latest wares are no different. First up is a couple of items that were offered at the Men’s Dept in December, now they are at the mainstore.

22769 grandfather pants

Grandfather pants. Kinda vintage, don’t you think? I must say that they go well with all clothes casual and have that old fashioned flair that is a definite style for 2013. They also look good for dropped crotch pants lol. They come in black, grey and a useful light grey. Mesh of course – you can fit boots underneath just as well as shoes and I was wearing the size L as I can’t be bothered to shrink down my waist for fashion’s sake.

22769 knithat

22769 knithat HUD

Knit hat with HUD. Useful style for casual wear. Mesh with a HUD – excellent. I included a picture of what the HUD looks like when you wear it – click and change the colours, badges and sizes – couldn’t be more simple. I tried SF Design hat hair under this and it would have worked with a bit more fiddling but I was under time constraints. Otherwise, wear an etched hairbase with this hat. Brilliant!

22769 cosy hoodie

At the Men’s Dept for January. Firstly, the cosy hoodie. A great style to wear with or without a t-shirt underneath on a clothing layer. Looks and feels great and comes in six colours, I chose the red and needed an XL Mesh size on. I would have got away with a L Mesh size  if I were wearing clothing layer jeans so don’t discard all your sizes.

22769 vintage headphones

22769  headphone choices

And Vintage headphones. These are right in for 2013 and excellent. There are 7 styles to go with all your stuff and 2 ways to wear them. Either on your head or around your neck. They are Mesh but they are not rigged so you can move them around to fit your shape.

Taxi: 22769 mainstore

Men’s Dept

A bit of gossip to end with. 22769 will be opening their furniture and prefabs brand soonish – we don’t have a date as yet. They are calling this 22769 [bauwerk]. That’s all I know!

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

15/01/2013 at 10:52 pm

Posted in Fashion

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