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Bouquet Babii, Vero Modero – Sept Interview

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Bouquet was kind enough to grant me this interview in the second week of September 2012.  Publishing here and now! (© Mozart Loordes 2012)

In first life Bouquet Babii is an art director living in Istanbul, Turkey. In Second Life she plays in what she describes as a huge role play arena with folk enacting their perfect real lives in a virtual world. In both places she has always carried through her ideals of encouraging teamwork in business, enhanced by maintaining a family atmosphere. It’s really heartening to listen to her!

Bouquet’s store, Vero Modero, has been in existence since 2007 and it’s got bigger and bigger. She’s taken on a team of designers who listen closely to what their customers want and so new collections are very much this team effort focused by customer appreciation and demand. Bouquet says that her team are ‘family’, they work hard and also have fun together, and each team member is important to her.

Inspiration comes from both the customers and also real life designs, whatever is in season. Some charity projects and fashion shows also push the team into action. Ideas are put into Bouquet’s melting pot and then she starts to create. Vero Modero has unique sculpts, flexis and textures so that there’s always something that bit different for customers to enjoy. The objective is to produce goods as close to real life as possible. Bouquet admits that the introduction of Mesh has been a big revolution for VM but also that it’s been hard for customers to get used to the standard sizes when everyone has such varied shapes.

I mentioned that VM’s new Mesh collection for men was really stylish and so it is! The vendors are 3D at the moment with the actual mesh pieces out on display. This is very effective and worth seeing. Bouquet has found that men prefer to buy clothes in sets and that they are not fond of mix n match. Black is a favourite colour but Bouquet’s designers have attempted to introduce more vibrant colour combinations here, the Autumn Brights Suit collection is an excellent example.

We both laughed because VM’s latest women’s collection is the Black Series. It’s VM’s emphatic nod to haute couture and a salute to the fact that there’s black in every woman’s wardrobe and always will be. The designs are striking and beautiful, some are the stuff of real life catwalk extravaganza.

Bouquet seeks to cover every eventuality in the virtual lives of her customers and so there’s even a series of maternity clothes which are feminine, attractive and chic. Maternity is big business in Second Life with many stores dedicated to this most intimate of role play situations, so why not have beautiful clothes to celebrate the fact?

Walking through Vero Modero, it’s hard to miss the Bridal collection which is pure fantasy with stunning silk, bead and lace concoctions matched up with handsome menswear. Bouquet released this series at the beginning of the year, together with a competition. Prospective couples create their own pictures in the VM landing point area and also give their views on virtual marriage and their feelings on the new collection. It’s another way for VM to meet customer demand and for Bouquet to get to know her ‘couples customers’.

Talking of competitions, the Miss Mutya 2013 will be drawing to a close at the end of September. Mutya means ‘muse or pearl’ and it’s Vero Modero’s 2nd year holding this contest. For Bouquet, her customers are very much her muses and she says, wistfully, that she has no idea how to choose a winner because there are so many talented models who add their styling and souls to VM’s designs. Looking at the photographs displayed in pride of place at the centre of the store, I have to agree with her that it’s an impossible task!

Do go along and visit the store soon, there’s something for everyone, including an upper floor of sales items full of excellent content.




Pictures – featuring some recent Vero Modero Men’s outfits

1. Cruise Blazer (set 1) In this set there’s the Marine pants and Blazer Jacket/Shirt combo and Blazer Jacket on its own in Mesh. I used the M size pants and the No 3 size jacket/shirt combo.

2. Deli Mesh set in black. Baggy Jeans and Jacket with a tank top, all in Mesh. If you’re using the two alpha layers up with the jeans and jacket, the tank top is also thoughtfully provided in a clothing layer. Plus sculpted headphones – one version that sits on the head and one that wraps around the neck. I used the L size jacket with M size jeans and clothing layer tank top.

3. Altay Mesh Damask set in Dark Red. As for the Deli set, there’s a clothing layer tank top for when you use up all the alpha layers. Mesh Jacket with sculpt hoodie and print Mesh Pants. Two sculpt scarves are included, one black and white print and one Ikat print, very nicely shaped to sit exactly on the neck.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

12/10/2012 at 5:20 pm

Posted in Fashion

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