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Slim is the new baggy @ 22769

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Eyes down for the latest goodies from 22769.

Baggy jeans are flooding the market right now – according to designer Paco – so you’ll find pairs of classical slimcut jeans in Mesh at 22769. There’s a number of colours to peruse  at the mainstore, but for the Gallery Giftshop new run 22769 are offering  a black/dark grey denim (depending on your viewer) version of these slimcut Mesh jeans. But that’s not all!  They come with an open shirt and tee combo. This combo is also available at the mainstore in other colour matches and definitely merits a look.

The five pocket slimcut jeans have turn-ups with the grain of the denim showing (nice touch) and you’ll need to wear these over deck shoes, lo-tops or brogues as they skim over such shoes in an elegant fashion and I think that any other sort will spoil the line. I wore an ‘S’ in the standard Mesh sizing, not a huge amount of different between that and the ‘M’ except that the turn-ups seemed to behave better.

The open shirt/tee combo was beautifully textured with colour blocking in shades of grey and tiny pearl buttons on the shirt. The tee was also subtly colour blocked in shades of light rose. I liked the stand-up collar of the shirt which doesn’t interfere with long hair should you wish to wear that. Size ‘M’ seemed to be the best fit for me. Looks just as good from the back!

 The Gallery Giftshop is now a year old and this’ll be the last time at their present location. They’ll be moving to a new place in July. One of the nicest fairs on the grid,  artists offer wall art and sculptures for a very reasonable price along with all the rest of the wears.

22769’s group gift for June puts us in mind for the beach with these fab pair of beachwalker flip flops and beach bag. The bag is Mesh but not rigged so you can move it around to suit. Looking back in my photos these will go with gifts from April and May. There’s a group gift board at the mainstore available to all group members which includes many of the former group gifts if you missed them.

Backgrounds by the excellent PNP from their ‘Time to Stop Pack 3’ and here on Marketplace.  Scenes of relaxation and reflection, I really like them. They can be used in PNP’s one prim dead easy photoboard or the more complicated photostudios. I’m all for simplicity, me.

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

23/06/2012 at 3:14 pm

Posted in Fashion

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