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Two good hunts with gifts from 22769 Casual Couture

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22769 have rebuilt their flagship store and it’s fab! They have also standardized their men’s Mesh clothing. Getting the lowdown from designer Paco, “The male standard sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL – and different to RL these sizes do NOT relate to the avatars height! Indeed the height of an avatar is absolutely irrelevant since the meshes “stretch” with the avatar “bones”. The sizes relate to how muscular or skinny an avatar is. So if you are tall and rather slim (like Cyclops from the X-Men) you better wear XS. If you are short and rather muscular (like Wolverine) you better wear XL. In any case – we do provide demos with every item we sell :-)” He forgot to add that they also include alpha textures in their Mesh stuff as there are people using viewers who still cannot   ‘add’  textures – so they can make their own alpha layer to enable them to wear a mesh top and mesh pants, for instance. Firestorm will take up to two alpha layers, by the way!

Now to the hunts. One of my favorite hunts to do each year is the Silk Road hunt – think all things eastern here. Many generous designers give us the most wonderful gifts. Last year, one of the offerings was a really well made rickshaw which looks darn good in a front garden or as that ‘something interesting’ in front of a store to draw in those potential customers. Definitely worth doing. This year hunters are looking for a golden pagoda and the hunt is on for the entire month of June so plenty of time to do a few stores each day. 22769 is offering an exotic violet kurta for the gent’s gift in their standard sizes, the ‘medium’ fitted best on me.


The second hunt I wanted to tell you about is especially for guys and it’s the second Men Only Hunt. Run by the redoubtable missqwerty Pevensey there’s oodles of great designers – 122 in fact. Hunters are looking for an iPod . Not too much time left on this hunt but you can pick and choose your favorites from the slurls and clues section. On from now until 9th June. The theme is ‘United colours of men’ and 22769’s gift is a pair of Mesh colourful striped capri trousers and I used the ‘large’ size in these. Backgrounds in these photos are from PNP – thank you Anne!

Good hunting!

Cheers, m’dears


Written by Moz Loordes

02/06/2012 at 7:59 pm

Posted in Fashion

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