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Spirit of Canada Sidewalk Sale

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Just had to tell you about  a great sale that’s on right now and it’s open until 9th June. Stores on the Spirit of Canada sim are having a sidewalk sale with all items only 50 lindens each. A really good set of stores with some wonderful bargains!

Brightly striped handcarts showed the wares and most were placed outside the stores they represented.

Here’s some photos of a few stores and as you will see, some excellent wares are on sale.

I was really pleased to see that one of my favorite designers, LaVille, was in the sale. I bought four items whilst rubbing my hands with glee – for only L$200 all told. PNP has a great offer on with poses and background pictures for photo studios so, as I thought the pictures looked cute, I bought a set too.  Rushing home, I set up my PNP mini studio and put some of the pictures in – so simple, even I have no trouble with it. Tried on the LaVille clothing and clicked away. Here’s the results. Firstly,  a really nice, basic summer shirt with slightly rolled sleeves and a pair of smart dark navy pants. Love the background!

Secondly, cargo pants (not shown here but the back pockets are sculpts  that really look the part teamed with similarly scrunched up cuffs), I like these very much. On top – a dark red sleeveless jersey top, well made and I’m not doing it justice as I’m trying to get in the dreamy PNP background. Trust me, you’ll like it and for 50 lindens it’s a real bargain.

Go back to the top for your taxi!

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

31/05/2012 at 5:03 pm

Posted in Chat, Fashion

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