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Home & Garden Expo

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It’s no secret that I adore furniture for house and garden.  It has even been known for me to relentlessly hassle my favorite designers for a particular version of one of their redoubtable pieces! So, it was with great delight that I visited the 5th Annual Home and Garden Expo, a magnificent ensemble of the best of SL’s builders, covering 13 sims this year. There is a website with all the details on it, but I thought for my blog that I’d do one visit to a couple of sims and just photograph as I went. Due to ‘one of those SL nights’ some photographs were not properly downloaded but here’s six of those that were.

The Expo is on now until 10pm SLT on Monday 28th May so plenty of time to make a visit. I walked through Expo8 with a slight diversion to Expo7, the lag was minimal but I have upgraded my graphics card recently. All photos were shot in midday setting which, let’s face it, is the one we’re most likely to be going about our daily business in.

1. :[MudHoney]: Designs –  “Dinner Party”

I just loved this set straight off. It does include a gazebo type drape over the top but my focus was on the table with its feast of all that you’d like to eat on a hot summer’s day picnic scenario. It looks magnificent and I could imagine many a humorous picnic held around the snowy white tablecloth laden with goodies. There are 28 pieces that comprise the whole kit,  which amount to 189 prims. Direct slurl.

2. Organica Speciality Trees

I was impressed with Organica, they have a way of putting together a theme that is authentic and low prim to boot. Here’s their desert scene where they provide rocks, palms and desert blooms, even a skull lying forlornly upon the sand. There is, of course, much more than desert vegetation but you need to go see it all. Direct slurl.

3. [ba] – Tableau Hut

Lovely dwelling by Barnesworth Anubis. Although called a hut, it’s a spacious home divided up into around five rooms if I remember rightly, and you could easily make it your space. Covering 32 x 39 m, the Tableau Hut is 86 prims and costs L$1250. For how it looks and feels when you walk around inside, it’s a very fair price. [ba] furniture is also supplied and customers can buy this separately if required, very nicely made and takes the hassle out of co-ordinating everything.  For a tropical based sim, it would be perfect.

Here’s a shot of the inside, showing some of the bathroom furniture, just to get a feel of the atmosphere. I found the dark wood walls contrasted soothingly with the bleached floor.  And, the Direct slurl.

4. NACH by Nancy Chatterbox – Beach House and Treehouse for Boys

This was another soothing house, kind of Shaker style or maybe New England. At any rate, it would be a home that I’d really enjoy living in. Nancy describes her ethos as, “Family begins with Love”, and it’s very apt. Furniture is supplied separately but you really have to go and see this home as some of the photographs didn’t download properly and I’m not really doing this designer justice. On the photo that did come out there’s the Treehouse for Boys… with climbing rope, swing and inside den. Nancy’s attention to detail is superb with broken blinds, sekrit plans on the table and all the things boys would adore in their own hideaway. You can spot part of the Beach House porch, white wood surrounding window panes, greyed wood tiling and duck egg blue curtains. The house is huge and 396 prims for L$3500  but well worth it and maybe something to aspire to should you have the land requirements. Direct slurl.

5. Cheeky Pea – Coille Home and Fairfield Desk

I’m finishing this article with one of my favorite Homes and Gardens designers, Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea. The house on display is made of mesh and it’s a wonderfully spacious quirky home for a mere 191 prims for the one bedroom version and 170 prims for the two – this includes the curtains and window dressings.  You can’t go wrong! Isla has a particular style and you can see this from her flickr photos ,  warm, homely, stylish, beautifully detailed and very collectible. Once you’ve got one piece, you can’t stop. Sometimes the prim count maybe a bit high to have your entire furniture layout comprised entirely of Cheeky Pea items, but what I do is to interchange one set or piece every month so I can enjoy the whole collection. Often the pieces are seasonal and can be used as such.  The picture shows one room of the Collie mesh Home featuring the Fairfield desk. Direct slurl.

Don’t forget, this is only the result of a walk around Expo8 with a slight detour to Expo7. There are another 11 sims to explore.

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

24/05/2012 at 2:48 pm

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