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Rigged Mesh and Textures

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Textures on rigged mesh items are down with a bug at the moment, it’s driving at least 50% of us batz.  Whatever we do, some textures on rigged mesh are blurred.

This morning I was speaking to Paco Pooley of 22769 and he has written down his tips for dealing with this aggravating problem. Us bloggers have his permission to hand over the workarounds!  So here’s what he suggests.

1. Rez the mesh:
“The funny behaviour of textures on meshes is, that they do rez, when the mesh is not worn and the avatar movement does not influence it. Rez the mesh clothing on the ground and wait a few seconds til the texture is fully rezzed. Then take it back in your inventory and wear it. This should solve most of the “blurry texture” problems.
If you rez the mesh and the mesh is tiny (like a nanoprim) this is the main issue for textures not rezzing properly. If the meshes you get are mod, just make them bigger. Do not fear if this alters the shape of the mesh, cause:

– no matter how big you make the mesh, when you wear it, it will jump back to the size that matches the avatar. You can not do anything wrong – you also do not influence the rigging by increasing the size of the mesh when you rezzed it on the ground.

– the same goes with the shape of the rigged mesh. It is of no influence if you alter the height, width or depth of the mesh when you rezzed it on the ground – when you wear it, it automatically jumps back in the right shape.”

2. Viewer specific alterations:
“Many of us are very insecure when it comes to changing the settings of the viewer – and god knows, I am also. If the mesh you are wearing has a blurry texture and the rezzing-trick did not help you also can change the settings of your viewer to force the mesh texture to rez. Go to:

-> Rendering
-> Full Rez Textures

Firestorm has a warning next to this point called “dangerous”. Indeed if you have the Full Rez Textures enabled all the time this influences the performance of SL. BUT: usually it works to enable “Full Rez Textures” once, waiting for the texture to rez and then disable it again. The texture will stay rezzed.

We hope this helps you for your work and lets all hope that this bug will disappear from the grid as fast as possible.”

Thanks, Paco, much appreciated 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

16/04/2012 at 10:00 pm

Posted in Chat

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