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Winter Fashion Week 2011

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Winter Fashion Week 2011 is being jointly presented by Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia, and KABUKI Boutique from December 9th – December 14th, as we speak in fact! It’s the first venture for this new team and will feature the latest in Winters fashions from some of the top designers in the field. Or should that be the snowdrift?!

The Weekend begins with a one of a kind Grand opening gala commencing Friday, the 9th of December at 12pm presented by KABUKI b o u t i q u e. The opening will be a mixed designer show comprised of hand picked models and original custom outfits/designs that encapsulate the theme “Wicked Winter Wonderland”  After the opening WFW gets going with all of the excitment starting with the cyber couture of [sYs].

I went over to the sim yesterday and was struck by the elegance and serene look of the build. You land in a snow covered outer courtyard and that leads into the marketplace, suprisingly low lag considering all the vendors, but we are up in the air here. Do take a look at all the goodies on offer. A little bit further onwards and you’ll appear in the theatre area where a myriad of  white seating awaits you. A  silvery silk backdrop hides the stage and sets the scene simmering with anticipation!  Here’s your taxi and the week’s program of events follows.

December 9
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Opening Gala
2:00pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show

December 10
10:00am SLT – Aimesi Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Sartoria Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Nemesis Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Gizza Fashion Show
6:00pm SLT – House of Rage Fashion Show

December 11
10:00am SLT – Countdown Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Angel Dessous Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Xanadu Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – PurpleMoon Fashion Show

December 12
12:00pm SLT – Tres Beau Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Solidea Folies Fashion Show

December 13
10:00am SLT – MEB Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Accessory Show Featuring GLAM Affair, Baoba, Lode and Finesmith
2:00pm SLT – Azoury Fashion Show

December 14
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Closing Event

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

09/12/2011 at 8:47 pm

Posted in Fashion

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