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The Eyes have it at Amacci

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Greetings intrepid Fashion Foragers,

Your blogger has returned having been locked up in his workshop making items for the 2011 Jewelry Fair – more on that in another post. This one is about the new eye set at Amacci.

I was talking to designer, Carina Larsen, who  told me that originally she started out making eyes and then went onto hair. Her latest set is called ‘Gaze’ and it features 64 realistic colours in normal/slightly larger sizes. I’m used to a small eye and found that the ‘normal’ size was perfect. Amacci Gaze eyes can be bought separately for 120 L$ each, or in a set of 16 colors for half price (950 L$) . Also, there’s a fat pack available with all 64 colors, with a discount of 60% (cost 2.990 L$) which is excellent value. I took this picture on midday settings and the eyes were ***wow*** even then. Quite a shock for me to have blue eyes, but a pleasant one all the same!

Here’s a chart showing all 64 colours available. Otherwise, the 16 color sets are in  Blues, Greens, Brown & Darks, and Diverse colors. The prim sparkle prim is no longer included in Amacci’s new eye packs. The ‘sparkle’ is a scripted prim that gives a shine to your eyes. However, Carina is offering  the sparkle for free in the store together with a free eye. What more could you ask for? Chocolate cake, I know! Taxi to the Store and see Amacci’s Blog and also Marketplace store.

Cheers m’dears, Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

19/09/2011 at 1:31 pm

Posted in Fashion

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