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Red Robin VIP group and group gifts

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I’m so excited! Today I made the Red Robin group a VIP one. Everybody (especially jewelers) seems to be doing this lately and it works well. There’s a small ‘pay to join’ fee, after which members get group discounts on new releases, lovely group gifts and free birdseed. Well, they do at Red Robin. If you’ve been a previous customer of Red Robin and want to join the VIP group, then I’ll waive the joining fee.

August group gifts will be sent out tomorrow, and these are transfer with resize options so that they will do for gifts unless you want to squirrel them away in your own inventory.

For the ladies, there’s the ‘Sisters’ necklace. I used mystic topaz moonglow hearts and antique gold swirls for a romantic effect. The pendant is vector artwork and therefore complies with copyright on a pre 1930 painting. I enjoy vector work as it’s not difficult, it just requires time and technique to do a good job, oh – and you need to know how to use the pen tool. This is my favorite tutorial for it  – http://www.melissaevans.com/tutorials/vector-art-with-photoshop. Thank you, Melissa! Her tutorial can be adapted quite easily for PaintshopPro9 – my graphics program of choice. I don’t think that it’s possible to get a total appreciation of such a delicate vector into SecondLife as it tends to mute colouring somewhat, but i’m quite pleased with how this one translated.

The gent’s group gift is named after one of my favorite pals and fellow jeweler, Seb, of ‘Designs by Sebastian’. This guy is so talented at making sculpts and I have never seen him be anything less than gentle and polite, even if I am having one of my rare hernias over something or other. He also has a great sense of humour! So here’s the ‘Sebastian set’, a bracelet and ring in laced dark chocolate suede leather with antique gold fancy rings. It also has the Red Robin logo on the front of the clasp, which is a terribly egotisical thing to do. I feel just like Giorgio Armani now, presenting a new collection with my name label on the front of the clothing instead of tucked away inside 🙂



Written by Moz Loordes

23/08/2011 at 9:36 pm

Posted in Jewelry

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