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Mens24 event 5

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Hi there intrepid fashion foragers!

Here’s some more outfits on offer during Mens24 week, this time from Vero Modero.   The Mens24 event is very nearly ready to go, it starts tomorrow with a fashion show and party and you can read all about it on the website.

A direct translation of ‘Vero Modero’ means authentic and genuine for the ‘vero’ part. Modern would be ‘moderno’ so maybe here it would be style – a genuine and authentic style. This is very true of designer  Bouquet Babii who produces fashionable clothing for men and women, as well as realistic shapes and skins. See Vero Modero Inworld store and Marketplace store.

The texturing on these two outfits, ‘Maalik’ and ‘Ibrahim’, cleverly convey the richness of tafetta and reminds me of the clothes one might wear for a night at the opera and be as spectacular as the singers themselves!

‘Ibrahim’ comes with these wonderful cascading ruffles and a high necked collar.  The material has a slight plaid pattern so it’s good to match with navy or green shoes and the shoulders have an unusual and striking draped arrangement.

‘Maalik’ is more of a military style outfit in a lustrous shade of red. Again the material has that richness to it. Chains join the double buttons up and down the front of the jacket and these are easily moved about to fit any shape as they are on thin rings even though they look like separate chains. The padded shoulders carry through the military theme and even have unobtrusive gold fringing. Dark pants complement the jacket nicely. I’m standing by the piano ready to sing, ‘Nessun dorma ‘ so insert your earplugs now.

More arias from Rfyre and Gabriel soon so stay tuned! OK that’s all the musical puns I can think of for the time being, fortunately.


Written by Moz Loordes

18/08/2011 at 2:26 pm

Posted in Fashion

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