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Mens24 event 3

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This is the third of my Mens24 posts.  Mens24 will be a week long program of exclusives, parties, entertainment and fashion shows, all for us gents! It’s going to be run by the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions, ably supported by KMADD, MENstuff and VWN. There’s a website with all the details here.

I’ll be blogging some of the outfits, skins and hair that will be available during the week August 19th-27th, a date to put in your diary. Only 100 of each design will be available to buy in that week so it is a truly exclusive event.

Today the featured designer is Ry0ta Exonar of  Prodigal. He’s offering a skin and shape called  ‘Edu’ – there are two versions of the skin, one bald and one with buzz cut. Also included are the hairbase that you need to achieve the look and a facelight.

I took these photos in midday light with no windlight setting at all and they are only touched up in paintshop to remove hand jaggies. This shows you what a good skin ‘Edu’ is. My graphics preference was only on ‘medium’. If a skin can look wonderful under such basic settings, that is my criteria for something that is going to work everywhere. The face is classically handsome and reminds me of a certain Hollywood character who often used to say, ‘I’ll be back’.

Find the Prodigal store Inworld here and enjoy looking through the Marketplace store where you can see a selection of skins, modeling poses and nicely textured casual clothing which have that ‘certain something’.

Back soon with some more outfits!


Written by Moz Loordes

15/08/2011 at 10:55 pm

Posted in Fashion

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