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Mens24 event 2

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This is the second of my Mens24 posts.  Mens24 will be a week long program of exclusives, parties, entertainment and fashion shows, all for us gents! It’s going to be run by the creators of Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions, ably supported by KMADD, MENstuff and VWN. There’s a website with all the details here.

I’ll be blogging some of the outfits, skins and hair that will be available during the week August 19th-27th, a date to put in your diary. Only 100 of each design will be available to buy in that week so it is a truly exclusive event.

Today I’ve got an accessory by Kari and an outfit by Harding & Dobbs to show you.

Designer Menno Ophelia of Kari offers sculpted shoes, funky accessories, high quality decor, furniture, prefabs and a very useful photography HUD that frames pictures and does some of the effects you’d get using a graphics program but it’s all on this HUD and you save to your harddrive. For the Mens24 event Menno has given us the wonderful ‘Students bag’ and it really does look like a similar one I had for college. There’s a gents and ladies version. Menno has a blog and inworld store.

Harding & Dobbs English Tailors is run by Stetson Lane and he’s the head tailor there.  They offer excellent quality shirts, pants, waistcoats, suits, scarves, ties and more. Stetson says that some of the jumpers offered there are akin to his first life wardrobe! Visit his inworld store here. Stetson’s exclusive outfit is called, ‘GunMetal Stripes’. Included with the outfit is an aqua scarf which can be worn as an alternative to the white collar. I’m rounding my shoulders a bit here because I love this Posies pose, so some of the stripes are a wee bit wavy but ignore that and remember it’s a great shirt and trousers outfit in an extremely versatile colour.



My next post will feature a couple of the skins available and take it from me – they are hot!

Written by Moz Loordes

12/08/2011 at 5:13 pm

Posted in Fashion

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