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Getting a bit shirty

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Greetings fashion fans! I’ve got some great outfits to show to you today and they won’t distress your budget.

First up is this month’s L$5 Men’s Surprise bag from AMERICAN BAZAAR. This is a great store for well made bargains and is run by the redoubtable missqwerty Pevensey who’s presently on holiday but she’s left us this tee-shirt and jeans set for the whole month of August. Threesome? What on earth does she mean?! Three cowboys singing merrily around a blazing campfire? Anyway, I’m wearing it.

Next we have a hunt gift from Miss Julie Kitalpha of Silhouette. Now I’ve blogged her work before and I think she’s an excellent texture artist. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this Piracy shirt and pants set. Although I’ve gone a bit arty here and dressed up all pirate like, this is a really good casual to smart outfit and what’s more – it’s free – #13 in the current MHOH6. You’ll need to join that group to pick up as far as I understand it. Many thanks, Miss Julie!

More shirts. This time from Urban Republic Co. Mr GO Rae makes these spiffing evening shirts (CpDa Shirts) and you’ll need to break out your lindens as each one is L$170. I’m wearing the browN and the blue version, but there are three more designs and it’s worth going to see these. They are textured very nicely with a shadow at the neckline. The browN version I’m wearing with Miss Julie’s piracy pants so you can already see how useful those will be. The other colourways are Inferno – an orange design on black, gRent – a gradient design of turquoise, emerald and caramel, and tO Brown – soft red, a splash of lemon all on a mixture of caramels. Urban Republic Store.

That’s the lot for today… cheers m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

01/08/2011 at 12:30 pm

Posted in Fashion

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