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AnaLee designs Sgt Pepper

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AnaLee designs Sgt Pepper – almost! Designer AnaLee Balut of  ‘ALB Dream Fashion’ has made a free outfit which will be available for the whole of July in celebration of her birthday, and it’s especially for us gents. Called ‘Boho Men’ the outfit contains masses of goodies including bare prim feet/trouser cuff attachments for pale, medium and dark skins. This saves a great deal of time because we just choose and add whatever variation we want and with the alpha there’s no fitting problems. AnaLee has also included flip flops n feet/trouser cuff attachments as well. Jacket, coat, scarf, collar, pants, belt, necklace, bracelet and sheer shirt make up the rest of the outfit. A handy poster shows how these items will style into variations on a theme. I hadn’t met AnaLee before but she’s designed costumes for Miss Virtual World over several years and her store stocks many items – both clothes and accessories – for men and women in an amazing number of styles. The store’s motto is,  “Enlightening Exhilarating Extraordinary” and it certainly lives up to that. AnaLee also creates costumes especially for theatre shows and ‘Boho Men’ falls into that category. You could use it for 60s parties or competitions or themed dances, that sort of thing. When you go to visit AnaLee’s store, take a stroll around the sim its on, Lamu Island. Its Oriental African fusion style makes it a perfect chill out area, with quite a few attractions to discover. Here’s your TAXI and here’s my tribute to the 1960s London scene.


Written by Moz Loordes

08/07/2011 at 9:31 pm

Posted in Fashion

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