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22769 casual couture & the Skulls n Bones Hunt

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If you’re suffering  MenStuff  Hunt withdrawal symptoms, why not have a go at the Skulls’n Bones Hunt? It’s a hunt for pirates with many interesting items on offer that can be used for party costumes, photoshoots and add to your inventory usefulness. I did a similar hunt some months back and it’s surprising what I use from it.

July 1. – July 31.
webpage: http://electrichunts.blogspot.com/
item: a little treasure box with a skull on it

Please note: In this hunt every hunt item is 1 L$! 150 stores – If you need help, please use the Associated Gridwide Hunters Group or contact hunt staff. Organizers: Lynn Pooley & Spooky Mistwallow.

I’m showcasing 22769 Casual Couture in this post so to start with here’s their item for the hunt. They have a hint giver on their Events Board and it’s best to check that out first as they’ll be moving the Hunt Gift around a lot.

22769 Casual Couture have always upheld their reputation as designers of vintage and original fashion. They are generous with their group gifts and clothing prices. The clothing itself can be readily used as co-ordinates and some of it is more than casual, it’s quite smart and very useful. A recent release is the  “Skater Capri” in 3 different colours, black, brown and camoflauge. They have some great prim details and the texturing is sumptuous. The items are modify/copy and take little fiddling about with to get a decent fit. Yes, I know I always say that but they really are easy to deal with! Price is L$110 for one colorway.

Mainstore, Marketplace, blog

There’s also a nice Flickr group where you can upload your fashion photos, great fun!



Written by Moz Loordes

05/07/2011 at 4:20 pm

Posted in Fashion

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