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Derby Day Bloggers Challenge

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In honour of the 137th Kentucky Derby, Mallory set us bloggers a challenge – to show our very bestDerby attire! So here is Mozart’s.

“Mozart spent his Derby day showing off the racing horses to an admiring public. The horses weren’t necessarily racing, although some were, but the completing stables wished to get their stock known. So he would take out some of the best ones and parade around the adjoining walled garden where punters intent on making a killing at the races congregated to plan their strategies. The afternoon sun threw shadows onto the cobble stones of the surrounding paths and the horses enjoyed the quiet heat of the day as they drew the attention of their human enthusiasts. Mozart thought he better dress up to match the grandeur of the particular horse he’d taken out for a stroll, so he wore ‘Lord Gear’ which was a smart outfit in the steampunk style made by Brocade Tiger. To match the outfit, he’d chosen a champagne velvet town hat by Hatter is Mad and Dupree boots by [hoorenbeek]. He didn’t know if the horse he was sitting on really appreciated the fact that he’d made an effort, except the AKK Legend black blazed Arabian did seem to pose for the camera in that jaunty manner his species was famous for.”


Written by Moz Loordes

05/05/2011 at 3:26 pm

Posted in Fashion, Modeling

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