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All the J’s from Amacci

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Amacci’s brought out two new hairs for gents, so naturally I couldn’t wait to try them out. I’ve used my favorite Amacci colour, brown sugar. It’s dark enough to suit my skin and yet light enough to show all the shading and highlights up.

First up is Jay, a shoulder length hair that covers one eye and is a bit longer at the back. I really like the way that the hair ends are finished, looks like you’ve bothered to comb it and yet it’s not ‘every strand set in its right and proper place’. Think this would make the running in a wide range of casual styles and it’s still smart enough for party suits. I didn’t find it disappeared into the avatar body whilst posing so it would also make a reasonable runway hair for casual gear… but try the demo first to be sure. The great looking sports shirt is from the 7 sins range by Robbish and is ably matched by a pair of pants from Myself called Serious Formal Trousers. As you can see, they’re also seriously casual.

The second hair is called James and it’s a lot like Jay. The difference is that its shorter at the back and is cut more squarely. This style would make it for suits and more formal clothing, it’s nice and versatile in that direction. I’m wearing it with Shiki’s current group gift, a very nice summer suit of jacket, pants and t-shirt. All detailing is drawn onto the jacket so you’ve got no problems with collars and hair sticking into them.

Prices on the Amacci hairs – one pack of hair is L$250 and if you love the style so much you want the entire range it’s only L$900. Taxi to the store – Amacci.

Cheers m’dears! Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

20/04/2011 at 10:20 pm

Posted in Fashion

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