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Hats on to Amacci

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Owner and designer of Amacci, Carina Larsen, has recently brought out 3 gent’s Fedora hats with attached hair. Now this interests me very much as I love wearing all sorts of hats but often struggle with adjusting copies of my favourite hairs to go underneath. It’s a long and fiddly job to do that and only possible if your fav hair is modify. There are hairs especially for hats about – SF Designs do a good short ‘under your hat hair’ and it’s free – but not many designers cater for men who like long hair and hats – preferably worn together. Until now, that is. Carina has made 3 beautiful and versatile hats complete with long hair – miracles do happen!

The fedora hats are texture and tint changeable for the material of the hat itself and the hat band. With the ponytail (pig tail) styles – we also get texture and tint changes for the hair band. You can choose from a variety of felt colours, tweeds and leather hat bases, and change colours and tints on the hat bands and hair bands. I’ve not seen changeable tints before – but it increases your chances of matching hats to outfits no end.

Carina suggests we join her hair group, either from the normal group option – look for ‘Amacci’ in Search or else there’s a Subscribe-o-matic in the main store. That way we can access the free group gift which is a variety of this fedora in black felt with a silver band and attached jet black hair (Howie). This group gift will be available for a couple of weeks and there’s also a ladies version, too (Hannah).

So… some pictures. First ‘Harry’, the longest style and I wore this to match a formal suit – Chance by Brocade Tiger. The hairs come in a variety of colours which you can see on the colour chart. I’m wearing the Brown Sugar, a dark brown that suits medium tanned skins perfectly, the hat texture is set to brown felt and the hatband gold on the darkest tint.

Second up is ‘Henry’ – a versatile, medium length hair with fringe (bangs) and pony tail. A great style which would take ages to get anywhere near with a separate hair and hat. It looks full and rich. For the hat texture I chose blue felt and silver band and hair band. This was a perfect match for my favourite Sey jacket, Hunter. It could be city chic or smart casual. Although you can’t see it here I teamed the ensemble up with the latest skinny jeans from SF Designs in navy and it’s a killer combination!

Last, but by no means least, is the ‘Howie’ style. A wonderful long ponytail with short sides that looks masculine and sexy all at once. The hat texture and hair band are black felt with a red band tinted in the darkest shade. Plaid shirt by Shiki. It makes a great cowboy hat, this one. And I am daft enough to match it to the shade of my horse. He’s only slightly less vain than myself but good at stomping rattlesnakes into the ground and negotiating precipitous mountain trails.

These hats with hair will soon be on Amacci’s Marketplace store or if you can’t wait go along to the main store and join the group/buy the entire collection. Also see Amacci’s blog.

Cheers, m’dears! Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

25/03/2011 at 5:44 pm

Posted in Fashion

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