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HardWear New Release

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HardWear’s latest release is the devastatingly good looking ‘Venom’ leather jeans.  These jeans are cleverly textured in supple kid leather and come in a variety of colours and exotic patterns based on the skins of various venomous creatures. It’s a fascinating idea by Shea Paule and I can see snakeskin for one and possibly a fabulous basilisk thrown in for good measure.

HardWear’s signature bulge shading is there as always, plus an additional prim bulge, as well as a unisex version – so that the ladies can feel dangerous as well.

Here’s the black jeans fatpack. It includes all five styles (one is plain) for L$750.  A bargain – considering the mix and match potential of this useful set which can be dressed up for formal occasions or used to enhance a more casual look.  One style, one colour will set you back the princely sum of L$200.

Rich jewel colours can be purchased in hunter green, chocolate, aubergine, crimson,  midnight and olive. I really liked the chocolate variation which is a not too radical departure from the usual black. Yes gentlemen, we do need to break out of convention sometimes, so try a colour for a change. Here are some of them.

Now, you may ask, what is the need for a prim bulge? Isn’t my sterling package size enough?! Well, I asked Shae this very question. He said that he produced them in response to client request and that a prim bulge often saved designers time as it wasn’t easy to shade the avatar bulge realistically (I think he makes a pretty good job of the shading, myself). His final observation was that it also tapped a psychological nerve.

He may well be right. Although the bulge can only be viewed in profile the very idea that it is there and thus someway resembling the proportions of one’s most intimate set of prims, a bulge may give added confidence. Or the promise of things to come. Who can say?

Your comments would be appreciated, sensible or not. I only know that while I was photographing the lovely jeans, my second boss the Brocade Tiger himself  TPed in (my first boss being my esteemed Editor of course) and made this classic remark, “That bulge was the first thing to Rez on you when I got here…  just a nice black lump on a grey ghost!” So it’s really good to know one can always rely on one’s bulge to create that important first impression.

When you’ve recovered, here’s your taxi to HardWear mainstore – Step Aboard and all fatpacks are on Marketplace for your convenience – Market Store

Cheers m’dears, Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

11/03/2011 at 6:17 pm

Posted in Fashion

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