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Novus Studios release two new shapes

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Dear Readers,

Jai Raleigh is chief designer at Novus Studios. This week I’m showcasing two of the studio’s new releases, one of which will be a prize in the upcoming Menstuff Hunt.

Jai first started creating shapes for roleplay SLers, especially those of Gor and Ancient Rome, so many of Novus Studio’s shapes cater for Masters, Mistresses and slaves. While roleplay shapes like these remain Jai’s ‘bread and butter’ products, in recent months he’s begun to diversify with the Optimus line where his overall goal is the creation of a more human, real life avatar in terms of proportions.  So what is Jai’s idea of realism for the Optimus line? Well, if you were to study the line carefully you’d quickly see that the heads tend to be noticeably larger than the majority of SL shapes are, and so on. A visit to the Novus Studios is well worth a look and you might be surprised and delighted!

Jai’s two latest releases are more in the way of SL shapes but they both have their raison d’être. The first one is ‘Liam’ and he’s a roleplay Master. This shape is the tallest one Jai has offered and it’s in response to many requests. I am used to being at 100 for modelling and so the height was of no surprise to me. What was interesting, however, was the well proportioned shape. Alright – it was beefy, but not in a ridiculous way and it would be perfect for its market, either as a Master or a gladiator, something along those lines. I think that the hairstyle one wears with this shape needs to be big to average out the shape and size of head but it’s very workable. Also the face is handsome, even noble one might say.

Jai’s second offering is the ‘Classic Male’. Here, he put aside all of his usual shape design notions and attempted to create something that was closer to an SL shape ideal in terms of a smaller head, narrower build, longer legs and so on. Jai says that Classic Male is probably a one-off and not a part of either the RP or the Optimus lines. Even so, in spite of all that, I still find this shape to be well proportioned to my eyes. It is not heavily muscled or super tall but neither is it skinny and boyish. It’s most definitely a man and it put me in mind of Urban Chic, for want of a better phrase – handsome, of medium height and on the long and lean side – very adaptable for a number of roles. I tried Classic Male with skins from LaVie, Redgrave and JeSyLiLO and it suited them all. If you enjoy creating your own unique shape then Classic Male is a good starting point. It could easily take more or less muscle, length and proportion shifts without distorting. Just keep a copy of the original first! A non-modifiable copy of Classic Male will be offered by Novus Studios as a gift in the shortly to commence Menstuff hunt.

Visit Novus Studios for demos of any of the shapes I’ve talked about. Here’s a taxi –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rhapsody/133/127/24

And on Marketplace for your convenience – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55140

Cheers, Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

12/02/2011 at 6:36 pm

Posted in Fashion

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