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HardWear Showcase

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Dear Readers,

This week I’d like to show you some outfits from HardWear, a very interesting and eclectic menswear store run by Shea Paule. He makes both ladies and gentlemen’s clothing and jewellery but has no store for the fairer sex at the moment. Some ladies jewellery is available on Marketplace – transfer – so you can buy those items for presents. Shea also makes a very useful item for photographers, the EZ Eyes focus HUD, which enables control of the model’s eyes.

First up is an underwear set in black, ‘Nightshade’. All layers are included so you may wear the singlet as a tank top with other clothes. The singlet has ‘fill ins’ so no need to worry about clothing ending at the waistline. And… you can lounge about in your favorite chair all day but at some point you’ve still got to do the washing up!

‘Nightshade’ is available in 11 colours and the boxers, tank and singlet are also purchasable separately. In addition, i’m wearing the ‘Stingray’ boots which I’ve found difficult to take off, they are so versatile. Included with the ‘Stingray’ boots is a really great front dipped belt which goes with a lot of items in my Inventory. Both of these items are easy to adjust and actually I don’t think I had to do much to them at all in the way of modify. Shea sent me the black variety, they also come in other colours, one of which is red. It’s a pleasant red and easy to wear.

Next up we’ve got the ‘Bewildered’ shirt in Merry Red and the ‘Nightshade’ pants and waistcoat set (or vest for Americans) in Black. Both these are available in a number of colours but the black variety seem to be a very useful inventory item – described as ‘soft charcoal’.

As you’ll see in the pictures, there’s a number of options and accessories to go with the ‘Bewildered’ shirt. It can be worn buttoned up or open chested giving a wide range of formal/informal occasions where it could be worn. There’s a collar and bolo tie option, or if you don’t want something that fancy, simply add the  black crystal collar button to finish it off nicely. Cuffs with cufflinks, again in the black crystal, show that Shea is a jeweller of repute!

Adding the waistcoat/vest from the ‘Nightshade’ set gives another set of styling options… here I went western. It certainly has it’s possibilities! Many layers are included so you can mix and match with other items of clothing you might already have. I really liked the pants, they came with easy to fit cuffs and one of those dipped front belts that Shea is so clever with. There’s also a bulge included if you want to make a really good impression.

Last up, is a picture to show you another colour option. The ‘Nightshade’ pants and waistcoat/vest and belt set are in red this time, but note it’s a useful subtle red. The ‘Bewildered’ shirt is in Cranberry and underneath that I’m wearing the singlet from the red ‘Nightshade’ underwear set. It gives another look altogether so just imagine what you could do with the other colour choices.

Here’s your taxi to the HardWear store –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bleeding%20Heart%20Island/220/125/504

And on Marketplace for your convenience –  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29813

Don’t forget that HardWear is #10 in the Menstuff Hunt so while you’re hunting away, take a look at the clothes and jewellery. I found the store to be reasonably low lag and I don’t have a very high bandwidth.

Cheers m’dears, Moz 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

12/02/2011 at 6:37 pm

Posted in Fashion

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