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New releases at SB Menswear

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Hi Readers!

I was delighted to be given some new releases by SB Menswear to blog this week. I’ve always enjoyed Sweeny Baxter’s designs and have more than few in my inventory. His textures are always beautifully rendered and the prices are very reasonable indeed. Let’s say you could achieve a whole wardrobe without too much expenditure. The SystemX suits are a brilliant idea, composed of mix n match suits, shirts and ties so you can build your own look from an amazing amount of options.  As well as casual and formalwear, SB Menswear also does an excellent line in costumes for roleplay and themed parties. So let’s start with ‘Gangster’.

‘Gangster’ is a complete outfit which includes trilby hat, authentic spats shoes and a scripted tommy gun. The collar and tie knot are sculpted and easy to fit. The gun has help notes and is scripted to holst and reload (with the appropriate actions), and there’s a training/damage mode and a safety mode so it’s brilliant for roleplay situations. You get all this for just L$599.

Here’s the spats shoes in close up, showing the attention to detail.

‘Celtic Warrior’ is the other new costume release.

I’ve done lots of close-ups on this costume because the detailing is so fine. You can almost feel the richness of the stitched suede leather and the metalwork. I found it easy to fit my model shape which is at 100 tall, nothing seemed to need that much adjustment. There are a couple of wearer options, a round the shoulder leather band with necklace or a spectacular shawl/cape arrangement. Again, Mr Baxter has paid full attention to authentic footwear. Lastly, a pair of modesty underpants are included unless you’re a true Scots highland warrior who wears nothing under his kilt. The entire costume will set you back L$699, which is a bargain considering the workmanship.

Now for the casualwear releases. There are two shirts, the first one is ‘Ministry’.

Lovely texturing on this shirt. It includes a sculpted collar and cuffs with long and rolled up sleeves, plus both tucked and untucked versions making it a versatile option. Looks expensive, too. There are six colour options – black, brown, blue, purple, green and red. Each shirt is L$149 or you can save on the fat pack at L$599.

The second new shirt is ‘Richmond Denim’.

A great shirt with all the bona fide denim styling you could desire. As with ‘Ministry’ it includes a sculpted collar and cuffs with long and rolled up sleeves, plus both tucked and untucked versions. The colours are bleached, green, black, tan, red and blue.  I’m wearing the bleached version with SB Menswear Redneck jeans, great spring/summer styling. So a whole lot of options for just L$149 each and the fat pack saving of L$599.

The final new release this week is a jeans and shorts set, ‘Gangsta’.

These come in a very useful black as well as a mid denim blue. They include a great metal belt buckle worn on the stomach, and cuffs for the shorts. The detailing is fantastic and the price… well I couldn’t believe it, only L$99. If you buy nothing else, this set has got to be a bargain.

I was impressed with the overall customer care at SB Menswear. Each outfit comes with a customer feedback form asking for your comments on styling, quality and options. Nice touch!

Here’s a taxi to the store – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fourty/97/127/23/

Also on Marketplace (although the store is not laggy) for your convenience – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/48162

Cheers, Moz


Written by Moz Loordes

10/01/2011 at 2:19 pm

Posted in Fashion

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