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Raiders of the Lost Ink Well

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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep things tidier. This is anathema to me and you would laugh if you saw my computer desk. Or maybe you would throw up your hands in desperation when you poked and prodded the apparent organisation only to find you could award it a degree in chaos physics.

I like to note everything down, that is how it seems to stay in my brain. So there’s about a dozen notebooks stuffed with extra sheets of notes, a couple of in-tray’s worth of similar notes filed in, well, paper pocket files. The only order this cacophony possesses is by the year date. Heaven forbid if a fire got hold of my paper system, I don’t know what I’d do apart from bewailing the fact to excess and drowning my sorrows in drink. As I haven’t drunk alcohol consistently for a number of years now I expect that would greatly add to my problems.

You might ask why my paper system extraordinaire (PSE) is not on computer. Well I wish it were! But somehow, and my brain can’t be the only one wired in this manner, writing things down is much better than typing them. The best notebooks, in my humble opinion, are those purchasable from LiDLs. Here they are in the UK – http://www.lidl.co.uk/.  All these stores are built in the same style wherever you reside in Europe and mostly if you enter a LiDLs in France, Germany or England, you know instantly whereabouts the dairy/fruit n veg/laundry areas can be located. Twice a year they have a grand stationery event where they cleverly display all sorts of stuff you never realised you wanted until you saw it piled up to the ceiling in inviting wire racks. This is tantamount to hypnosis. “Hello and welcome… this is your local LiDLs store here… you will buy all our stationery because you want it… yes you do… put it in your king-sized trolley… an empty trolley is a sad trolley” and so forth.

It is perfectly possible to develop a LiDLs stationery fetish where you simply must have matching stapler, sellotape dispenser, paperclip pot and hole punch or else you will just fade into an unavoidable state of sepia foolscap before the week is out. Pity the poor customers salivating over the pastel coloured paper clips and ink gel pen sets, the brightly coloured assorted loose-leaf notebooks and sundry copies of the Great World Atlas ten years out of date slipped in amongst the startling but highly fashionable glowing neon binders.

So, twice a year, to cut a long story short with a pair of Swiss Army paper scissors, I hang around LiDLs intent on purchasing all their spiral bound notebooks, or at least as many as I can manage in amongst the unseemly brawls that always ensue. Tomorrow is one of those hallowed days so wish me luck in my stalwart endeavours, send a prayer up to the Great Stationer in the Sky and hope that I don’t come back with more than a few cuts and bruises sustained in the heat of papier-mâché battle.


Written by Moz Loordes

09/01/2011 at 5:24 pm

Posted in Chat

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  1. P.S. The warrior returned unscathed with a half dozen spiral bound notebooks and a pint of semi skimmed.


    10/01/2011 at 2:23 pm

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