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City Chic – thoughts on styling

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I had good  instructors at Arcobaleno (http://arcobalenoagency.wordpress.com/academy-training/) who taught me a lot about styling, namely how to put together an outfit from at least three to four different sources so that it looked as if  ‘belonged’. As I learned and experimented and attended the classes, there were some choice comments – especially from Miss Viola – which had me falling about laughing, hardly able to type a reply. One of those which shall be remembered forever was… “Mozart, I have never had to say this before to a student – but you look like a cross between Street and a pimp!”  This – amongst a set of advanced models who were miles ahead of me in the styling stakes. I should have been embarrassed but I wasn’t since long before that I’d got used to people telling me I was stupid for falling off runways, not turning quickly enough and not walking straight. Those days are long gone, thank goodness.

Everyone has to learn. Many times I thought that I’d just give up but my good friends LatrellY and Spicy (who is co-founder of ‘Beauty of Colour’ Modeling Agency – shortly to open in the New Year) were always there with plenty of encouragement and good natured humour. LatrellY’s blog (http://fierceandepicfashionhotness.blogspot.com/) says… “We limit ourselves to what we consider fashion. Fashion does not stop because you’re not a size zero, fashion stops when you stop believing that you’re HOT. Trust what you consider hotness and work it!!!”

My thoughts on styling are that there are definite styles laid down by the fashion designers and many people follow those. Whether there is anything left in fashion which could be said to be truly innovative after all this time or whether style simply goes around in big circles of rehashment is debatable. But there is also a point in the process of getting together an outfit where one can recognise that it ‘fits’, that it’s ‘OK’ and this is either an innate gift or something which can be learned. Obviously the innate thing is somewhat superior as it takes no effort.

On the whole styling is subjective, in tune with one’s personality. What is one person’s idea of style may not be another’s. Above all of the ordinary people are the successful designers who have enough money/connections/talent to market their wares to the top.  Maybe we become lazy and take their word for it – I wouldn’t like to say. Maybe we just can’t be bothered  forging a style that is apart from the fashionista herd. Again – it’s all debatable and perhaps there’s more important things to be concerned with in this world than peacockness. Make up your own mind.

My teachers suggested that in the world of virtual modeling we attempt to adhere to certain styles but still put our own stamp on them. It’s the only way that a potential model can stand out since it’s easy to purchase a nice shape and skin.  You can look as good as anyone else in that respect. I have to agree.

Here’s a couple of everyday styles that are much better than the ones I used to wear. As Mr V. will tell you, I still have a penchant for awful pants (I don’t think they look that bad) but here I have restrained myself. Designers and slurls follow the pictures.

1. EMO-tions Eric hair, dark brown
JeSyLiLO Zabedy skin, light shade (out next week)

Jeepers Boots – Quixote in Maroon
Gentleman Waistcoat, red print – Brocade Tiger (coming out soon, various with/without points) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mirr/122/35/54
Connors Dress shirt in White
DeeTalZ bootcut jean in red, with two leg variations

Mandala LUCK Necklace – brown/gold version

2. SM Renan hair in black
JeSyLiLO skin Sixxy tan version

Adjunct Classic Aviator glasses, silver

UBU PornStar Lo-tops shoes
jfL Sheepskin coat
Rob leather pants
SHIKI sweater and shirt combo from Twilight outfit


Written by Moz Loordes

10/12/2010 at 7:24 pm

Posted in Fashion, Modeling

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