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Aloha peeps – glad you dropped by!

I’ve been blogging both Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Although my emphasis has been on Home & Garden for a number of years, I’m getting back into Fashion this year.  On social media I belong to Flickr and Discord and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’ve been features writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and blogged for their website for many years, although I’m now retired. From that interesting work, I’ve gleaned a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. I’ve also worked as a writer for various virtual Fashion and Lifestyle magazines – interviewed loads of fabulous Designers and Creatives  and even tried my hand at modeling!

I can take high resolution photographs (I have an ex gamer’s computer so it’s got to be good) and I’m a dab hand at Photoshop/Paintshop (I make original jewelry and textures for apparel), so if you like my work please get in touch and I’ll promise to do your brand proud!

A huge thank you to my sponsors – see side bar for slurls to their stores ❤


For 2019 there’s a new section. This is original fiction and is written as pure entertainment for friends and followers.  It explores the daft world of anti-hero Kevin and is set in a modern day UK coastal town.  Read the introduction for more details.


Written by Moz Loordes

30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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