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Aloha peeps – glad you dropped by!

I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’ve been features writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I’ve gleaned a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. I’ve also worked as a writer for various virtual Fashion and Lifestyle magazines – interviewed loads of fabulous Designers and Creatives  –  and even tried my hand at modeling – but nowadays I live the simple SL life which I enjoy with friends and family, not least of all my lovely partner & husband, Arrchie and our son, Danilo:)

I wouldn’t say I’m one of SL’s greatest photographers *smiles* but I can take good quality high resolution photographs and I’m a dab hand at Photoshop, so if you like my work please get in touch and I’ll promise to do your brand proud!

A huge thank you to my sponsors – see side bar for slurls to their stores❤

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Moz is on holiday from Sunday 21st August and he’ll be back at the beginning of September and ready to blog once again! The computer is staying at home:) Cheers, m’dears!

Written by Moz Loordes

20/08/2016 at 12:27 pm

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Messing about on the river with Chez Moi Furnitures

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Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - Bow view


This traditional boat by Chez Moi Furnitures can be parked by any riverside or beach and although it’s stationary, it has lots of fun animations and photographic opportunities – you’ll love it!

Available at the August round of the Tres Chic Event, you can purchase your copy there until September 10th, when it moves to the mainstore. The boat comes as a coalesced object – so do open an Edit window before you rez. Land Impact is 34 plus the doors, with a further 2 LI for the transparent base. You touch the doors to open them – simples.

There’s room for 2 people and more than 114 animations on the PG version and 178 animations in the Adult version. Some of the poses automatically rez props and those will attach to your avatar.
♥ + 50 single poses (female and male)
♥ 3 water animations (treading water, floating)
♥ 13 poses for pictures (jumping poses and with a parasol)

♥ 48 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
♥ 64 intimate animations in the Adult version (32 x 2)

It’s a perfect escape so Arrchie n me rezzed the boat on the river to try it out. A photo taken from inside the cabin, and we’re sharing the ice cream or at least I’m eyeing it and suggesting that we should *laughs* It’s a hot day on the Norfolk Broads!

Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - cabin pose


Arrchie at the wheel!  I love the wood textures in this boat, they create a warm and content feeling when you’re sitting in it.

Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - wheel


This is just one of the great photographic poses… I’m leaping with joy into the water with all my clothes on, must have had one cocktail too many!

Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - leap pose


Cuddles and a view of the side of the boat, complete with flags and lights.

Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - pose Stern view


Metaphorically sailing off into the distance, this boat is great for a peaceful afternoon.

Chez Moi Furnitures - Bon Voyage - Into the Distance



Here’s your TAXI to the Tres Chic Event

Visit Chez Moi Furnitures Mainstore

Chez Moi on Marketplace

Chez Moi web logo

Cheers, m’dears:)


Be well groomed with HHC!

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HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 1



If you’re looking for a fabulous wedding suit, Heth Haute Couture has brought out three! Armed with these lovely suits from HHC’s “Groom’s Collection”, I went off to the Vintage Romance sim to take some photos. Here’s the results.

The first one is the “Double Breasted Men’s Tuxedo”, which is crafted in a white on white scroll silk jacquard material. Matching jacket, slacks and tie are combined with a white silk shirt. Also included are white Oxford wingtip leather shoes and socks, there’s even a beautiful lily buttonhole to finish it all off. In standard sizing XS – XL it’s an all in one mesh,  with alphas for with or without feet. An interesting modern tux that has a certain panache to it! I was wearing the size M, so there’s another couple of sizes to go and it would accommodate larger body shapes.

HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 2


This is the “Formal Dress Tails”. The same fabric and attention to detail but this time there’s a separate tailcoat to add. You get the effect of a shorter jacket from the front which shows up the pants really well, adding length to the overall shape. Then, turning to the side view, you’ve got the tails dipping down to the knees. It’s classic and it’s gorgeous!  This set also includes Oxfords and buttonhole as before. I wore the size M suit combined with the size L tailcoat.

HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 1



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 2



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 3


So the last suit… this is the “Tuxedo”, a beautiful classic styling of white on white scroll silk jacquard matching jacket, tie and slacks combined with white silk shirt and cummerbund. Oxfords and buttonhole included. Very elegant suit, here, which is a one piece mesh in standard sizing XS – XL. I was wearing the size M.

HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 1



HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 2


These suits are available Instore with DEMOs to try out first. They lend themselves to a lot of good matches with bridalwear. For instance, the Formal Dress Tails would look wonderful by the side of an extravagant white bridal gown, whilst the Double Breasted Suit would match up well with a contemporary pastel bridal two piece suit.

Or, why not go to The Summer Bridal Showcase which will be held on Sunday, August 31st at 1.00pm SLT over at the Metaverse Grand Theatre and you’ll be able to see everything on the runway.

summer bridal showcase


Visit HHC mainstore!


Cheers, m’dears:)

Harry’s Day Off with 22769~ [Bauwerk]

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22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden 1


Every wizard needs a day off and Harry is no exception. So when Ginny takes the kids off to London to catch the train to Hogwarts, he’s allowed to lounge around the place and do the gardening. Note that he’s not getting too near to some of those weird plants even if they do need a watering!

A fantastical garden made by 22769~ [Bauwerk], it’s a gacha for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, called – “The Wizard’s Garden”.  The Rare is the garden itself complete with ground work, raised bed and suitably atmospheric background masonry. The Wizard Garden – LI 20 – 12,8 x 13,8 x 5,2 meters

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden Rare


The Commons are all sorts of strange and wondrous plants! Malum Fungi Plerumque, Malum Fungi Regium, Leve Ovum Tumulum, Dolum Faucibus. Flores Calyx Lacus, Flores Calyx Ignis,
Faciem Amplexus Noctis, Faciem Amplexus Lava, Cibus Flos Solis. Cibus Flos Gramina, Carnivore Ostium and Fumifungus. In total there are 13 items to collect, an appropriate number there and if you look up the latin, you’ll see the humour. When the shadows fall, they do begin to look a wee bit eerie. I think Harry went indoors to get his tea then.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden Plants


Later on, it’s a beautiful moonlit night and Harry retires to the library. Now we know what the plants are used for! Having cooked up some suitable pipe filler, Harry relaxes with one of the pipes from “Madame Nu’s Opium Supplies”.  Gacha #2 contains a plethora of these beautifully fashioned pipes so you’re sure to find one that suits. Harry prefers the Chain Opium Pipe – Gold, one of the Rares, but then he would, wouldn’t he? There’s 3 Rares and 9 Commons which all attach to the avatar mouth as unrigged mesh so you can move them around.  Harry’s strewn them about on the table so he can find the appropriate pipe and you’ll see they have gold, iron and silver varieties.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Harry's Evening Off


It’s not just a library full of books but gacha #3 contains wizardry accoutrements and furniture! Brilliant – it’s called “The Wizard Room”. The Rare is The Wizard Chair – LI 3 – 7 single sit animations. Then we’ve got all these Commons – The Favorite Wand. Wizards Magic Book, Pots, Wizard Ingredients, Shelf with Pots, Hourglass, Mirrorball, Glass Carafe, Wizards Big Bookshelf, Wizards Table, Wizards Small Bookshelf, Wizards Broomstick, Wizards Wand Rack, Table Cauldron and Table Candle.

Here’s some of the items close up, Harry’s favourite wand is resting in its box and a couple of the pipes are ready for more imbibing. The cauldron’s aglow just in case he thinks of better recipes!

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Desk Library


Even the broom has a night off and lazes up against the windows. The house is also made by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] and it’s called the “Saint Vivien de Medoc” available from the mainstore.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Broom


The Wizard’s Book of Spells lays open on the desk to convince Ginny that Harry has been doing some work, at least! The Hour Glass has run out and it’s almost time for Harry to put the kettle on and make Ginny some well deserved supper for when she gets back. Better jump to it, my friend:)

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Spellz


All three gachas are only 50L per pull.

Harry was wearing a wizardly outfit from Bare Rose, a fantastic place for roleplay costumes and much, much more.

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is open now and runs until September 7th.

Check out 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore for more fabulous items.


Cheers, m’dears:)

HHC – Jean Paul Ensemble & Alessio Men’s Suit

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HHC - Jean Paul Ensemble 1


If you love to go out and dance of an evening and you want to make a statement, then this could be the outfit for you! From Heth Haute Couture, it’s the “Jean Paul Ensemble”.

Lots of items in this set, including Oxford shoes and a set of matching jewelry. The apparel is composed of a  relaxed-fit blazer detailed with a music print silk jacket, a neon DJ tee, and matching crepe slacks. Now there’s no fiddling with these – they are one Mesh item that you just click and add, and worn with the alpha – it’s a matter of a few clicks to look good. Apparel has standard sizing which is generous so it will fit a lot of shapes – XS – XL – and I only needed the size S. It’s well worth getting a DEMO to see the possibilities because it may even fit the larger mesh bodies.

HHC - Jean Paul Ensemble 2


I love these Oxfords!  They have a hi-shine effect and are easy to wear. Also included are filler prim socks that do away with the need to hide the shoes under the slacks cuffs because who’d want to do that? I can foresee these little fillers being useful with a lot of shoes and pants cuff issues.

HHC - Jean Paul Oxfords


Here’s all the jewelry. There are resizers on most of it and the black diamonds are animated for extra enhancement. The watch is on SL time, so you can check if you’re late or not!

HHC - Jean Paul Jewelry


Later on, I went to the The Vordun Museum and Gallery, a wonderful interactive experience by Jake Vordun,  which features the use of experience keys. Visitors can get a real life feeling of being at a museum. One of the current three exhibits was all about the Titanic – fascinating!

The Vordun Museum and Gallery


I stood by a photograph of the main ballroom to show off this suit. It’s the “Alessio Men’s Suit” and I wanted a monochrome background to show it off.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 1


This is a stunning suit and one of my favourites by HCC. It’s a contemporary, sleek style which you can wear a variety of hair lengths with as you wish.  This is fine couture at its best, Alessio features a heavily embroidered couture fabric in a bold fade design.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 2


The pants include a black leather belt and there are matching dress shoes, glasses and sunglasses all included. Standard sizing XS – XL and I chose a size M.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 3


Other items in these pictures – No_Match hairs, the shorter sassy style is No_Way and the longer style is No_End


Visit HHC mainstore to collect your copies of these must have outfits!


Cheers, m’dears:)


And they say we don’t come out in the day…

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Vengeful Threads - Eclipse Coat n Pants


This amazing coat, which could easily double up as one belonging to Neo,  is on special offer at Vengeful Threads for Sinful Sunday and it’s a mere L$69 for today only. Gothic in style, the patterning is outstanding.

The coat comes in standard sizing XS – XL, and I was wearing an L size. Also included in the pack is a pair of black pants to go underneath. It’s useful to choose a smaller size for these so nothing shows through that fabulous coat.  The pants are great, too, though and a useful wardrobe addition when worn with other garments. They also come in standard sizing XS – XL and I chose a size S here.

“Eclipse” in Noir is the name and hanging around graveyards is my game today.

Here’s your taxi to Vengeful Threads mainstore.

Do check out the other offers on this weekend while you’re there!


Other accoutrements in this picture include:

hair – no_match – No_Fate, Boots – Illi – Damon Boots, glasses – Meva – Punk sunglasses

I was on location at the wonderful Netherwood sim which is based on the Lake District, UK.


Vengeful Threads Logo 2016

Cheers, m’dears:)

Summer Days… and Nights at [VM]

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[VM] - Allen boxers - front


There’s a show on UK trash television called “100% Hotter” and it’s good fun. A trio of fashionistas – gay Aussie hairdresser Daniel, make-up artist Melissa who puts up with him rather well, and ace fashion blogger/commentator Grace – attempt to help folks with fashion disasters and make them… well, 100% hotter in the eyes of the hard to please British public. Now that’s what I think these [VM] “Allen Boxers” do for my beachwear! Although they are ostensibly silk boxers, you can wear them as swimming trunks, too.

I’m not that fond of next to nowt swimwear, there’s nothing much left to show to your partner *laughs*, so these HUD colour change boxers are just great. They are available in standard sizing XS – XL, I chose an M and the colour was RGB 14,56,213 which you type in chat and you really can have any colour you want! Here’s a view from the back…

[VM] - Allen Boxers - back


What’s a good outfit for summer evenings when you want to dress up a bit, maybe visit a swanky restaurant and get prawn cocktail all down the front of your jacket?  Arrchie chose the [VM] “Ascot Suit” in violet wool blend, he favours posh. The suit is available in standard sizing, and this is a size L jacket over a size M pants. This versatile suit is offered in a number of colours, just visit the store and try on demos.

[VM] ascot suit - blue marine pants - cruise blazer 1


I was wearing a combo of wide leg “Blue Marine” pants in size S and the jacket/top in size M was the “Cruise Blazer”. It’s a wee bit more casual but still smart enough to make a statement. Again, this are available in various colour combinations and standard sizing – which is quite generous so should fit a lot of shapes.

[VM] ascot suit - blue marine pants - cruise blazer 2


I do suggest a visit to [VM] Vero Modero. They are a very large store that caters for both male and female fashions plus there are some great animations made by Ramsa. They have a generous group gift system and are often in more than one hunt a month.


Here’s your taxi – [VM] mainstore

Check out the [VM] blog



Other items worn in the pictures –

Arrchie – boots from _iNEDIT-Footwear0100 RockStar

Moz – no.match –  no.icetea hair, ReVoX Ewan necklace – RealEvil Industries, Eternity ring – GDit Jewelry, deck shoes – GIZZA


Cheers, m’dears:)

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