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I’ve been blogging menswear and home decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  Official blogger for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and all the good folks on my side bar still send me their stuff so I must be OK *smiles*.  If you would like me to do the same, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by :)

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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V-Spot – RockStar Pants

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V-Spot have released the ‘RockStar Pants’ as a special at the Men Only Monthly event!

Love these unique pants that come in a choice of 6 colours – Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Navy and Tan. Standard 5 sizing with a well fitting Alpha layer.


Here’s the 6 colours – useful shades all, I especially like the navy and the brown.  Amost any shoes in dark brown will match up well as they’ll tone in with the pockets and laced calf wrap of the leg.


In practice, if you add a top of some description…  here’s just one look. I added the ‘Cobain Jacket’ in Brown which is another one of V-Spot’s finest.


  Until next time

Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

Cosmopolitan 10/03 – Menswear

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Round 10/03 is now on at Cosmopolitan and I’m showing a couple of design bargains from the Menswear range today.

First up is GioMEN with the ‘Sand Shirt’, a HUD controlled multi texture shirt that comes in the standard sizing XS-XL. As a rule I usually take the L size but was using the M here and it fitted fine. The Vamos  jeans are also from GioMEN and you can find those at their main store and on Marketplace.

GioMEN sand shirt

When you employ the HUD, you can change the body of the shirt to various plain and plaid designs. Also, the shirt and cuffs can be changed. So, for instance, you could have a plaid shirt with plain cuffs and collar – either contrast or matching. It’s versatile and here’s a picture of the HUD.

GioMEN sand shirt HUD

I tried wearing mesh t-shirts underneath but it wasn’t possible as they would show through the mesh of the shirt and I would imagine an alpha would be impossible to produce for two mesh products which were made to wear separately in the first place. So I searched around my Inventory and found a system t-shirt (undershirt and underpants)  which did the job well. System clothing still has its place in cases like this. See how well this fits into the jeans. It’s just a matter of fiddling like all SL clothing until you find something that works.


GioMEN Sand Shirt with system T

*Birth* by designer Silent Alchemi, is a long time producer in Second Life of exquisite skins, both male and female. He has appliers for various SLINK products at his store so if you wear those, go and check out the possibilities. At Cosmopolitan *Birth* are offering the ‘Milton’ male skin in various shades at a bargain price. In the pack you get the skin layer and a number of tattoo and system layers to provide options. The skin layers have a ‘trail’ of hair, with and without hairbase. If you add the other layers you can have a toned hairless look or a total hairy look with or without hairbase. There are no other appliers in the pack but as I mentioned before – visit the *Birth* store and be thankful that you got the bargain skin at Cosmo.

‘Milton’ is a clean shaven skin that Silent describes as somewhat ‘older and wiser’. There are some lines on the face and some bags under the eyes but why worship youth culture all the time? Older men can be just as sexy! Here’s the darkest tone – Tropical – in full view and I’ve used the original skin layer. Beautiful shading on this.

Birth Milton Tropical full

Here’s a close-up of the face in a slightly lighter colour called ‘Rainforest’. Add a beard tattoo layer (and I’ve used a 2nd generation Nivaro beard) and you get a whole different look.

Birth Milton Rainforest Closeup

My photos are not taken using any huge Advanced Lighting conditions but using simple Windlight settings so you can get a good idea of what will be an actuality for the majority of us in Second Life.

All that remains for me to do is to offer you a taxi to Cosmopolitan.  Until next time, cheers m’dears!

LOGO Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan #09/03 – Decor

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There’s still time to visit round #09/03 of the Cosmopolitan event, it’s on until February 28th!

Today, I’m showing just some of the gorgeous decor on offer.

~*Alchemist*~ – full size telephone boxes and you can have any colour you like as long as it’s red, pink, white or black! Touch the door to open and close, then you can leap inside and check out the animations, some of which are for couples. Perms are copy/modify. Close-up shows the telephone itself. Really liked this one!

Alchemist telephone box

Alchemist telephone box close-up


Myrrine – a set of cargo box furniture – lovely stuff! You can purchase the whole set or buy the benches or table separately. The cargo box benches have a couple of texture variations and come with or without cushions and each has a land impact of 3. There’s also 8 single sit animations in the benches. The table is 2 land impact and the separate candles 3 land impact. You can toggle the flames on and off.

Myrrine benches_sitting

Myrrine benches other texture

Myrrine cargo chess table


Decor Junction – have these cute towels racks out. All the decor on the racks are included and amount to a total of 6 land impact, fantastic. I remember when items like these were many more prims when rendered in sculpties! Perms are Copy/Modify.

Decor Junction DJ mesh towel rack


Apt B – have the ‘Arden set’ and I’m always impressed with the texturing of any Apt B decor. Arden is no exception. There’s a chair with 19 single sit animations for 3 land impact, a matching Ottoman for 2 land impact and the lamp is another 3 LI and you can retexture that via a HUD. This is a PG version and the set is Copy/Modify.

Apt B - Arden set


Here’s your Taxi

LOGO Cosmopolitan

Cheers, m’dears!

V-Spot – Boondock Coat

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V-Spot are at the March edition of the ‘Men Only Monthly’ event with the ‘Boondock Coat’.

This fabulous pea coat come in a choice of five colours – black, green, grey, navy and tan.  There’s options of Fitmesh and S/M/L standard mesh varieties with a good alpha. I was wearing the fitmesh variety.

Boondock Pea Coat MOM

And the styling?  Well you know when your mom shouts at you to get off that beeeep computer and go outside?  :)

Open air blogging at the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe.

Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014


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Moz Loordes:

Just blogged this and now I can hardly wait four days until the darn event opens lol

Originally posted on Love To Decorate:

Tres Blah - Arcade march


TRES BLAH will be at the March edition of THE ARCADE with the ‘Hodgepodge Collection’ gacha.

There is a lot of lovely and essential decor clutter in this gacha, especially for the kitchen! 12 Commons and 2 Rares to collect.

We will continue to post Home & Garden previews as we see them until the event opens to the public.

View original

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24/02/2015 at 1:55 pm

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Storax Tree – mid February releases

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Designer Kate is a prodigious builder, fortunately for us!  I thought I’d take some of the Storax Tree February releases and place them in the sun lounge – out in the field as it were. I used a couple of windlight settings but quite honestly the decor looks just as fab in midday lighting conditions. All items are Transfer with a Resizer that has a delete script option.

Of course, there’s always a naughty cat!  Feline Treasures  – Fishing Calico to be precise and he has a land impact of 15.

Feline Treasures - Fishing - Calico_001

A planter from the Delicate Garden range. This is the Gold-BA planter and it has a land impact of 3. There are lots of planters in this range and they look very good indoors or on a patio.

Delicate Garden Gold Ba_001

Here’s what I did with three pieces for decorating a corner. There’s the Napa Valley Chair, the Heart Wall Key Shelf and one of the Spring Potted Plant Collections.


There’s a whole range of Napa Valley furniture in the rustic style and it’s a good idea to look on the Storax Tree Marketplace site and check it all out. This particular chair is Dk Wood – Ag variety. It’s only 3 land impact and has an excellent set of animations – some of which have props. I used the Coffee/Paper one where I’m slurping a coffee and reading the Daily Rag :)

Napa Valley Chair Dk Wood Ag_001 reading paper and drinking coffee_001

Here’s the Spring Potted Collection – Ab in close-up. The set amounts to 5 land impact so if you used all the varieties of this collection you’d soon have an extensive display.

Spring Potted Collection Ab_001

A close-up of the Heart Key Wall Shelf – Ck. Again, there are a number of varieties of these, each a little bit different to suit the textures of the walls you’re placing them on. Only 3 land impact.

Heart Key Wall Shelf Ck_001

From the Plank Planter collection this is  B Plant – Aq which as you can imagine comes in a variety of woods and flora. This is 3 land impact and inside a sun house or conservatory it makes a great decor piece. I think that’s a Yucca plant because I’m recognising the little trunk that the leaves eventually grow from.

Plank Planter B Plant Aq_001

Time for tea?  Well, of course!  And here’s the naughty cat again collapsed on his woven rug having fished himself out. We’ve got the Nature’s Bliss Tea Time Table ready for tea and the kitty from the Feline Treasures Nap Time range. Standing by the chair is the Twisty Twigs vase.

tea time scene_001

A close-up of this gorgeous tea table. Nature’s Bliss Tea Time Table A Bamboo, one of a number of tea tables – see how well it matches up with the chair. Only 9 land impact for all this detail, can’t be bad.

Nature's Bliss Tea Time Table A Bamboo better light_001

Here’s the poor, tired kitty! Feline Treasures – Naptime – Solids Calico k, is from a huge range of different cats on variously textured rugs. If you can’t find one to match your home, I’d be surprised! He’s 3 land impact. His little catnip bag is so cute.

Feline Treasures - Naptime - Solids Calico k_001

The Twisty Twigs Vase – Gold and Tile H in close-up. The detail on this is just lovely and the colour matches the sun house so well. It’s 3 land impact.

Twisty Twigs Vase - Gold and Tile H_001

Another shot of the decorated corner, so you can see the base of the tea table and fortunately, not the cat’s bottom lol.

tea time scene 2_001

Storax Tree always have group gifts and bargains. February’s gift was a choice of four colours of heart decor. And a further four variations for only 10 lindens. Here’s a couple of examples from Kate’s vendor photos.

Spring Heart Wall Ornament a GGSpring Heart Wall Ornament i 10L bargain

And the best way to see all of these?  Try Storax Tree on Marketplace. There are over 4700 quality products available and you’ll always find the newest releases there first.

Also… visit the Storax Tree Sales Room for many bargains and to access the group gifts there’s a direct landmark.

Until next time… Cheers, m’dears!


V-Spot – February Releases

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Lots going on at V-Spot this February!

First off, the Group Gift – and if you’re not in it you can’t win it :)  Pick up the  ‘The Shameless Bomber Jacket AND Beanie combo’ at V-Spot mainstore.

Shameless 1

Shameless 2


The Jack or Jill Hunt is a Depraved Nation event which covers the whole of February. Here’s where hunters can go to get all the info they need about the hunt…. DN Blog V-Spot’s hunt gift is ‘Jack’s Knit’ which is offered in 2 sizes of FitMesh and standard sizes S,M and L. I was wearing the 1st size FitMesh which worked very well. The 2nd size would fit beefier avatars.

Jack Knit


Fashion Fair 2015 is running until the end of February. V-Spot’s release for the fair are the ‘Gangsta’ Baggies’. Available in 6 colours – Tan, Grey, Blue, Dirty Blue, Brown and Black. Standard 5 sizing XS – XL and the belt and chain are added separately. I was wearing the L size in Grey.

Gangsta' Baggies


L’Homme magazine exclusive – The Man’s Man Sweater’ is available only at V-Spot mainstore! The sand version was offered previously in a hunt and became such a popular item that Vertigo made another five colours. Black, Red, Navy, Green and Grey, the sweater is offered in  2 sizes of FitMesh and standard sizes S,M and L. Here’s the black and the red versions and I was wearing the 1st size FitMesh.

Man's Man black

Man's Man red


Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014








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