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Aloha peeps,

I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’m Features Writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I glean a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. If I have Designers on my side bar it’s because I absolutely adore their work and love to blog it! If you would like me to do the same, please get in touch :)

Written by Moz Loordes

30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Rogues and Renegades

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Sounds like an excellent title for a novel –  Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Rogues and Renegades!

V-Spot of course :)  Namely, the ‘Rogue Parka’, an original mesh creation and the first one by designer VerTig0 and we hope it won’t be the only one he makes. Shown in ace men’s fashion magazine, L’Homme, this parka with integral top is available now from V-Spot mainstore.

Thomas helped me show off the apparel today!  Here’s the parka in the grey colorway which even looks good when you crouch down to stroke the KittyCat.

Rogue Parka large

Rogue is available in standard sizing XS to XL and I was wearing the L size which fitted perfectly.  There’s five colorways in total, each one has a different insert, Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki and Navy. They all look good, although not as cute as Thomas.

Rogue Parka montage

So… onto the Renegades!  This is a group gift called the ‘Renegade Kombat Boots’ in this very useful shade, goes with loads of stuff. The boots have a couple of alphas to get the best fit and they are also resizable on all axes via a HUD.  Puss n Boots!

Puss n Boots_Renegade Kombat Boots

Both items available from V-Spot mainstore.

Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

Written by Moz Loordes

06/05/2015 at 1:01 pm

SoCool at Men Only Monthly

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V-Spot will be releasing the SoCool jacket at the next round of Men Only Monthly which opens tomorrow, April 20th!

This fabulous jacket, which includes integral shirt, is available in a choice of 5 colours – Black, Blue, Brown, Grey and Khaki. Sizing is either Fitmesh (1 and 2) or L, M, S in standard sizing. I used the Fitmesh 1 sizing with no problems at all.

SoCool jacket main

Just as good from the back…

SoCool jacket - mainR

Here’s a montage of all those colour choices!

SoCool jacket montage

And I was at the Pinoy Hideout, Lion’s Hill sim to take the main photos!

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

So until next time,

Cheers, m’dears :)


Written by Moz Loordes

19/04/2015 at 6:17 pm

Urbanized by V-Spot

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V-Spot have released a new set of exclusive clothing for the 100 Block Fashion Fair event which is on until April 30th!

There’s the ‘Urbanized Sleeveless Hoodie’ with variations in black, charcoal, grey and red… and the ‘Urbanized Capris’ which come in black, grey, red and white.

Urban - main

Urban - reverse

Great as separates or when worn together, these urban sets are made in standard sizes XS – XL. I was using the XL size of hoodie and the L size of capri. Here’s a montage of possible combos.

Urban - montage


Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

Cheers, m’dears :)

Written by Moz Loordes

13/04/2015 at 1:36 pm

Storax Tree – Recent New Releases

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Storax Tree designer, Kate, keeps us well supplied with new releases!  She’s made a whole new set of themed furniture called ‘Tropics’ and it’s suitable for patio, garden, sun house and conservatory. Made in a choice of woods, blonde, light and medium, with stripy cushions in a large variety of colours, you’re bound to find a set that matches most housing :)

We get a loveseat, left and right chairs and table in a set (also there are some matching ‘Tropics Spring Planters’ I’ll do in another post). The furniture illustrated here is in the blonde wood shade with redcurrant and cream cushions. The potted Peace Lily by the side is included in the build.


Left and Right refers to where the attached pots of flowers or cushions are placed! See – there’s a cushion on the floor on the one chair and the cushion is on the seat in the other.


The furniture is packed with animations and rezzable props so you can be writing, reading your newspaper, chatting and drinking a cup of coffee, even noming a croissant, for instance. There are 3 table sits, 5 casual sits in addition and on the loveseat you can be flirty!  The loveseat has a Land Impact of 16 and the chairs are 12 LI apiece. Don’t forget this includes potted flowers and cushions within the builds. All pieces are Transfer with a Resizer.


Here’s the matching table which has a Land Impact of 11. These tables come with different set of potted plants and even games on the tabletop. Scrabble anyone?


Storax Tree have a long tradition of various sorts of chimenea fireplaces and this is the latest one. It’s called the ‘Chimenea B Fireplace Aq’ and I adored this one not only because of the colour, a deep cerise red, but also because there were all the constituents you might use to light the fire attached to the build including a box of matches! The chimenea is 7 Land Impact and has a click on/off animation for the fire. Perms are Transfer with a resizer.

ChimeneaB Fireplace Aq

And the best way to see all of these?  Try Storax Tree on Marketplace. There are over 4700 quality products available and you’ll always find the newest releases there first.

Also… visit the Storax Tree Sales Room for many bargains and to access the group gifts there’s a direct landmark.

Until next time… Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

01/04/2015 at 4:13 pm

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Rock Attitude for V-Spot

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V-Spot have new releases for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair which runs until April 11th :)

RAFF stomp

First up, there’s a great leather vest with sleeveless Tee insert in six designs. The ‘Reckless Leather Vest’ has variations called Anarchy, Fleurdelys, Grinnin, Hasma, OI! and RedZone.  I had the RedZone version on in size L.  Standard V sizes XS – XL with a decent alpha – you’ll love this versatile statement piece especially when you hear it’s only 189L each!

RAFF Reckless vest And here’s the rest of the variations…

RAFF group

Also on offer are the ‘H-tone Sneakers’ in six colour tones – black, gold, green, grey, navy and red. The bad thing is you’ll probably want them all and the good thing is – they are only 199L a pair!

RAFF sneakers

You’ll be wanting a teleport to RAFF no doubt :)

Cheers, m’dears!

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

Written by Moz Loordes

31/03/2015 at 10:21 pm

V-Spot – RockStar Pants

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V-Spot have released the ‘RockStar Pants’ as a special at the Men Only Monthly event!

Love these unique pants that come in a choice of 6 colours – Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Navy and Tan. Standard 5 sizing with a well fitting Alpha layer.


Here’s the 6 colours – useful shades all, I especially like the navy and the brown.  Amost any shoes in dark brown will match up well as they’ll tone in with the pockets and laced calf wrap of the leg.


In practice, if you add a top of some description…  here’s just one look. I added the ‘Cobain Jacket’ in Brown which is another one of V-Spot’s finest.


  Until next time

Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

Cosmopolitan 10/03 – Menswear

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Round 10/03 is now on at Cosmopolitan and I’m showing a couple of design bargains from the Menswear range today.

First up is GioMEN with the ‘Sand Shirt’, a HUD controlled multi texture shirt that comes in the standard sizing XS-XL. As a rule I usually take the L size but was using the M here and it fitted fine. The Vamos  jeans are also from GioMEN and you can find those at their main store and on Marketplace.

GioMEN sand shirt

When you employ the HUD, you can change the body of the shirt to various plain and plaid designs. Also, the shirt and cuffs can be changed. So, for instance, you could have a plaid shirt with plain cuffs and collar – either contrast or matching. It’s versatile and here’s a picture of the HUD.

GioMEN sand shirt HUD

I tried wearing mesh t-shirts underneath but it wasn’t possible as they would show through the mesh of the shirt and I would imagine an alpha would be impossible to produce for two mesh products which were made to wear separately in the first place. So I searched around my Inventory and found a system t-shirt (undershirt and underpants)  which did the job well. System clothing still has its place in cases like this. See how well this fits into the jeans. It’s just a matter of fiddling like all SL clothing until you find something that works.


GioMEN Sand Shirt with system T

*Birth* by designer Silent Alchemi, is a long time producer in Second Life of exquisite skins, both male and female. He has appliers for various SLINK products at his store so if you wear those, go and check out the possibilities. At Cosmopolitan *Birth* are offering the ‘Milton’ male skin in various shades at a bargain price. In the pack you get the skin layer and a number of tattoo and system layers to provide options. The skin layers have a ‘trail’ of hair, with and without hairbase. If you add the other layers you can have a toned hairless look or a total hairy look with or without hairbase. There are no other appliers in the pack but as I mentioned before – visit the *Birth* store and be thankful that you got the bargain skin at Cosmo.

‘Milton’ is a clean shaven skin that Silent describes as somewhat ‘older and wiser’. There are some lines on the face and some bags under the eyes but why worship youth culture all the time? Older men can be just as sexy! Here’s the darkest tone – Tropical – in full view and I’ve used the original skin layer. Beautiful shading on this.

Birth Milton Tropical full

Here’s a close-up of the face in a slightly lighter colour called ‘Rainforest’. Add a beard tattoo layer (and I’ve used a 2nd generation Nivaro beard) and you get a whole different look.

Birth Milton Rainforest Closeup

My photos are not taken using any huge Advanced Lighting conditions but using simple Windlight settings so you can get a good idea of what will be an actuality for the majority of us in Second Life.

All that remains for me to do is to offer you a taxi to Cosmopolitan.  Until next time, cheers m’dears!

LOGO Cosmopolitan



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