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I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’m Features Writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I glean a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. If I have Designers on my side bar it’s because I absolutely adore their work and love to blog it! If you would like me to do the same, please get in touch :)

Written by Moz Loordes

30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Chez Moi – Romance on the Piste

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Winter Lift Seat - main

This is Chez Moi’s exclusive for the ‘It’s Cold Outside Round’ of the Tres Chic Event which starts tomorrow, 17th November and lasts until 10th December.

Apart from all the animations on it, this is a fabulous photography prop as it easily adjusts to any couple. Both have separate adjustments and swap poses and if I can work it out, anyone can!

Winter Lift Seat - clear base

Rezzed initially, the winter lift seat is 21 Land Impact but you can also add ‘scenes’ to the original seat that cost more Land Impact. So just tap the right hand lantern to display the scenes menu. We had the Ice and the Bush scene up which was 34 LI in total. You can also click the lanterns on and off by touching the bulbs. Other scenes are as follows:

* White Lights: 25 LI
* Ice: 25 LI
* Colorful Lights: 28 LI

There are 50 solo poses. 20 alone animations, 12 activities and 28 couple poses some of which rezz props like the newspaper I was holding. You just click ‘yes’ to accept and they attach automatically.

Winter Lift Seat - newpaper

Other props include: Mug, pillow, newspaper, book, guitar and tweety birds.

Winter Life Seat - romantic cuddle

There are also texture change options – 5 for the seat (we were using ‘berry’ and ‘forest’ which look rather nice against a snowy background) and 4 for the upright wooden poles and bar across the top which will change to variety of plain and snowy woods. Finally, the base has 6 texture changes which are very useful to fit in with surroundings, we were using a snowy one and one which had been swept of snow. Perfectly possible to use this in a non snowy scene, say a mountainside in summer, because of the texture change options.

So here’s your TAXI to the Tres Chic Event and also the mainstore CHEZ MOI which is well worth visiting but take your time as there’s lots of great sets to try out. Take a friend!

Cheers, m’dears :)

Wicked Tea Party with Chez Moi!

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Halloween furniture and decor from Chez Moi! This is the fabulous ‘Wicked Tea Party’ set and it’s an exclusive for the Tres Chic event which runs until November 10th.

Wicked Tea Party - Autumn setting

The set consists of a 3 LI Table with rezzable teatime treats accessible by clicking on the table – Macaroons & Tea is 19 LI and Cupcakes are 11 LI.

Alternatively, you can dress the table with the Pumpkin Candles at 6 LI and the fun floating teapot at 3 LI which really does bob up and down and floats daintily above the table.

Wicked Tea party - table close-up

Each chair you add to the table is a further 4 LI and they contain 7 amusing sits and 3 actions for gents and ladies each – drinking tea, eating and collapsed suitably stuffed :) The chairs also have texture change options and there’s 9 of those via a HUD.

So who’s coming to tea?  We set up an evening Windlight and received a couple of dodgy characters who quaffed tea all night long and disposed of a multitude of macaroons, but when the morning came, they’d disappeared!

Wicked Tea party - teatime

Wicked Tea party - teatime thro chair

TAXI to Tres Chic Event

Cheers, m’dears :)

(With thanks to Arrchie for the through the web photo!)

A busy Halloween at Zerkalo

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Zerkalo are downright busy of late!  I spoke to designer Anais last night when I visited Britain Knave’s romantic new sim, Rosewood Isle, which I must say I found very beautiful.  More about that in another post.

So this post is about Zerkalo’s Halloween gacha – ‘Pumpkin Faces’ which you can find at the Wayward Halloween event and ‘Halloween in White’ which is available at The Seasons Story event. There’s a lot of discussion on the rights and wrongs of gacha but where else can you get such wonderful pieces of furniture and decor at such cheap prices?  If you want the whole collection, of course it’s not so cheap but my strategy is to play once or twice on any gacha I really love and I’m grateful for whatever I get! If you’re into styling then you can build up quite an inventory of gacha items and put them to good use on a theme or time of year, for instance.

Zerkalo - Pumpkin Faces - Wayward Halloween

‘Pumpkin Faces’ is a set of fun pumpkins suitable for various areas around the home and garden, I like them on the porch. Inside each pumpkin is a flickering candle which lights up the eyes or mouth and makes the whole item look suitably eerie. There’s 8 Commons and 1 Rare between 1 – 3 LI.

I put some of these out,  including the witches hat Rare pumpkin, on a forest floor area and there they sat flickering away. Windlight setting was a sunset one, I think, and it showed them up in glowing colour.

Zerkalo Pumpkin faces - errie glow!

‘Halloween in White’ is a set of mainly white furniture and decor that Zerkalo are so good at texturing. I learned from a texture artist that white is one of the hardest colours to texture properly and I can well believe it because as soon as you add some shading or noise… well it isn’t white any more.

Zerkalo - Halloween in White - Seasons Story

There are 7 commons and 1 Rare (the mantle) to collect in this gacha. The Rocking Chair has animations – 12 solo sits and 6 cuddles n kisses. Pieces are between 1 and 8 LI and are modify as well.

Here’s the set in a display, the windlight setting was an evening one because the stars were out in the sky and the candles glowed on the mantelpiece. I added an extra single candle as well.  A lovely little tea set is included in the gacha which you could use in any number of other settings for only 1 Land Impact.

Zerkalo - Halloween in White - display

So who’s coming to tea then?  In the dead of night you need some comfort *laughs*. Well, I wasn’t complaining :)

Zerkalo Halloween in White - arrival for tea

TAXI to Wayward Halloween event

TAXI to The Seasons Story event


Until next time, happy decorating and Cheers, m’dears!

Getting Cosy at Chez Moi

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Chez Moi have released the cozy ‘Douillet Outdoor Set’ and it’s available from the mainstore and on Marketplace.

‘Douillet’ means comfortable and cozy in French and it perfectly represents this interactive pier with its multipose furniture which can be wonderful garden decor as well as a place for friendly gatherings. It’s available in a PG and an Adult version.

Douillet - from small sofa
The Pier comes rezzed as a coalesced object – to use Edit mode to rez it. Steps are separate from the raised portion.

The Sofa 2 Seats has 130 (148 in the Adult version) animations:
50 individual animations (male and female)
20 animations to enjoy time alone
12 activities such as reading a good book, eating macaron, drinking hot chocolate, playing guitar among others
24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
Props: book, mug, guitar, newspaper, tablet, bubble blower etc.

The Couch has 84 animations:
40 individual animations (male and female)
8 activities
18 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
Props: book, mug, guitar, bubble blower etc.

Animations are easily adjustable for all sorts of couples! We liked these very much – they expressed relaxation, enjoyment and loving communication.

Douillet - large sofa n set

There are 3 texture change options for both the Sofa and Couch, I used the chocolate colour in these photos as it seems to have that richly textured effect. Other colorways are a lighter canvas style and a forest green style. Beautiful texturing work on these by designer Nanda – the cording and piping work on the sofa was just one of the details plus the little lights wrapped around the railings was another great feature.

Douillet - plant pots n steps
Also included in the set are a great log burning brazier, potted palm, flowerpots set and hanging blanket.  The hanging blanket on the Pier railings has 16 female and male animations and comes with some wearable props. Texture Change Options: 3 combinations to choose from a menu.

Douillet - lights railings n palm

All the items as seen in the pictures total only 38 Land Impact. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

Douillet - from distance

TAXI to Chez Moi mainstore

VISIT Chez Moi Marketplace for ‘Douillet Outdoor Set’ – this goes to the PG version but look at the end of the page and there’s the link to the Adult version.

Chez Moi – Salem Witches Memorial Square

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This is Chez Moi’s ‘Salem Witches Memorial Square’. It’s a railed around scene which contains animated spooks, trees, a memorial and benches to sit on if you dare! It even has crows circling above and it makes an amazing background to any vampire stories you may want to enact so again, terrific for photographers and roleplayers alike.

Here’s the entrance post with lamp – looks eerie already! Click on the post and you’ll get a surprise – some appropriate dancing animations are available which can be synced if you have a crowd.

Salem Set - entrance post and lamp

Here’s the crows circling above the scary trees. There is a multi sound player HUD within the scene which has a number of settings for day and night and you can switch off all sounds if needs be.

Salem Set - crows above

This is the Memorial to the Salem Witches itself and it has a black cat by the side. Also included in the set are two benches with copious single poses for male and female plus a number of couples cuddles. Also activity poses for various situations. Many poses have wearable props. The scary tree has space for 2 people to sit on it and 26 singles poses, 16 couples poses and 1 witchcraft animation. Designer Nanda has thought of everything!

Salem Set - memorial and bench

You get the scene as a coalesced object so make sure you rezz in Edit mode then you can move it around easily. The spooks move up and down, the benches are separate and can be moved within the scene easily.

Salem Set - cuddle bench

As the Salem Square lends itself to roleplay, Arrchie and me are vampire couple Louis and Lestat – it’s our interpretation and with sincere apologies to author Anne Rice – here they are greeting each other before the hunt and then afterwards when they are sated and you can guess what they’ve been up to!

Louis n Lestat interpretation 1

Louis n Lestat interpretation 2



Written by Moz Loordes

05/10/2015 at 5:02 pm

Hanging around with Zerkalo

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There is a bit of a Second Life© vogue for wall hangings at the moment and wall art in general. So it was with great delight that I found a set of wall hangings from ZERKALO in my blogger’s pack this week!

Tapestry gold or silver fittings 5 sorts decor or adult_005

These are called ‘Tapestry’ and there’s a choice of either pure decoration pieces or animated sets.  The animations are naughty and Adult and whatever folks get up to against such wall hangings are out of the realms of my PG blog but what fun!

Tapestry gold or silver fittings 5 sorts decor or adult_001

Beautifully 3D, the wall fixings are available in gold or silver shiny metals according to your decoration requirements.

Tapestry gold or silver fittings 5 sorts decor or adult_004

A choice of useful 5 textures, too.

Now these are offered at THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE so in a way I guess they are first and foremost for the role play set but as decorative items they do nicely in a hallway or behind a bed – depending again on the style of the room.

Tapestry gold or silver fittings 5 sorts decor or adult_003

Only 2 Land Impact each, they certainly won’t break the prim bank and permissions are Copy/Modify.  Here’s one in practice on a sunny wall of our new home (which we’re greatly enjoying decorating). The ‘Twisty Twigs’ vase is a favorite from STORAX TREE.

Tapestry display

Until next time… Cheers, m’dears!

Zerkalo blog pic

Fun by the Lake with Chez Moi

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Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - long shot

I was lucky enough to get blogger’s privileges with CHEZ MOI this month and the first set designer Nanda sent over was the ‘Dock Navy Set’. Arrchie and me live on a platform/skybox arrangement and you really need to be able to rezz this set on the ground by a river, ocean or lake as it suits that sort of environment. So one evening when our neighbours were out we rezzed the dock on their river lol. They liked it so much (came back early), they asked us to leave it up!

First picture is the dock or pier and that’s 17 LI.  The Dock has 62 animations as fishing poses, diving, kissing, cuddling and more.
♥ Room for up to 4 friends
♥ 37 individual animations
♥ 5 animations to play in the water
♥ 10 animations for couples in love (10 x 2)
♥ Props: cup with drink, sunscreen lotion, fishing rod.

The animations were easily adjustable to fit any couples.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - whole set

Other decor includes the Pier Lamp at 2 LI which switches on and off with touch. At midnight setting it’s more than adequate.

Then there’s a decor item with cute gulls perched on barrels and ship’s wheel propped up at 6 LI. I liked this a lot.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - Decor Barrel Timon

As well as the dock/pier animations you get a barrel table and 4 colours of half barrel seats (aqua, ocean, red and yellow). I rezzed the red variety.

The Table Barrel has 4 scenes:
♥ Decor: 7 LI | 10 Prims
♥ Tray with Prawn: 11 LI | 15 Prims
♥ Tray with Appetizers: 9 LI | 14 Prims
♥ Fries dish and croquette: 11 LI | 16 Prims
♥ Empty table: 3 LI | 2 LI

Here’s some shots in various Windlight settings showing the yummy snacks! Prawn platter in this case.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - feasting on prawns

And it’s not only snacks but other activities, too.

The Half-barrel Seat has 54 poses.
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 10 activities
♥ 10 couple animations (10 x 2)
♥ Props: bubble blower, guitar, book, plate, cup with drink and others.
♥ Colors: blue, yellow, red and green

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - table feast

The entire set is 38 LI/54 Prims which will alter slightly with rezzed props and scenes. It’s a perfect setting to invite friends over, enjoy a romantic evening and even as a showpiece for a beach party if you choose to rezz it by the ocean.



Until next time, Cheers m’dears!

Written by Moz Loordes

22/09/2015 at 4:06 pm


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