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Aloha peeps – glad you dropped by!

I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’ve been features writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I’ve gleaned a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. I’ve also worked as a writer for various virtual Fashion and Lifestyle magazines – interviewed loads of fabulous Designers and Creatives  and even tried my hand at modeling!  I’m still blogging and writing for LTD as I love it🙂

I wouldn’t say I’m one of SL’s greatest photographers *smiles* but I can take good quality high resolution photographs and I’m a dab hand at Photoshop, so if you like my work please get in touch and I’ll promise to do your brand proud!

A huge thank you to my sponsors – see side bar for slurls to their stores❤

Written by Moz Loordes

30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Chez Moi Furnitures – New Releases

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Chez Moi‘s new release for Tres Chic is a beautiful interactive garden stone well. Not only is the well itself stunning, both in textures and in Mesh-ability, but as it’s a coalesced object you can use the butterflies separately.

As there’s a lot of pictures in this post I’m going to do the “read more” thing here!  I’ll also be showing the new gacha “Vintage Patio” made exclusively for upcoming Gacha Garden Event, so read on dear readers.

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HHC – Hades and Lilith

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If you’re short of an outfit for Halloween, how about this amazing example from Heth Haute Couture called, “Hades The Groom Tuxedo”.  An added bonus is that it matches the ladies outfit from the same range, “Lilith – The Devil’s Bride”.  Imagine what an impression you’ll both make as you log into the party!

There’s lots in this outfit, which is available from HHC mainstore and satellite stores. The tuxedo features a red bead and sequin open front jacket with satin shawl lapel, some of which is animated for a stunning effect. Also included are boutonniere, black silk shirt, 2 bow tie options (black and red), black crepe slacks with belt and formal leather shoes and socks.  The jewelry included a bone face mask decorated with diamonds and rubies, a diamond encrusted sceptre and a horned headpiece – all are easily modified for a perfect fit. There’s both SLINK and standard Mesh sizing – XS – XL with alpha layers. I was wearing the size M standard Mesh.


Here’s the ladies matching outfit:-



Decor items in my picture:

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] “Un hommage a HR Giger” – PG and Adult, LI  7, C/M, poses for singles & couples, swap & adjust – from TLC until Oct 31st

Chez Moi Furnitures “Moroccan Dreams” I used a section of the back wall – LI 35, C/M – mainstore


Pick up your copy of “Hades the Groom Tuxedo” from any of these HHC stores:-


Heth Haute Couture @ Steine Gardens (Mainstore)

Heth Haute Couture @ BOSL Emporia Mall – Couture Blvd

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury

Cheers, m’dears🙂


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Saint or Sinner?

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7 Deadly s{K}ins are having a great Halloween Hunt at the mainstore!  It’s called the Witch Hunt and the top prize for the gents is the “Juro” mesh face applier. Such a great gift and well worth trying to find all the 13 clues and gifts along the way.



A curse has been placed on the lands of Valyria, causing a thick fog to descend. A local convent of Valyrian witches seeking revenge for the murders of their sisters is to blame.

Your help is needed in finding the witch that has placed the curse!

In 13 locations from the main store of 7 Deadly s{K}ins to the garden on the grounds you will find hints to locate 13 witches. Once all 13 are found it will spell out the location of the final witch from whom the curse was made.

At each location you will find a prize for your Witch Hunting, find all 13 and you will score the main prize. Keep your eyes peeled for the bones of a sacrificed peasant that the witches murdered to increase their power. Each bone will lead you to the next.

Start at the gallows and collect a HUD. Attach the HUD and click on the small skull on top of the HUD giver and there will be your first hunt hint. You are looking for bones. Inside each bone you will find a prize and the next hint to the next bone. When you have found all of the skeleton you will automatically be delivered the main prize. During the hunt you can detach the HUD at any time and resume your hunt when your ready the HUD will save your found bones.


Juro contains 12 OMEGA face appliers based on CATWA in 3 skin tones and I was wearing the Cotton tone (the others are Drow and Stone).  You get clean, clean with hairbase, beard with hairbase. Also included are SLINK appliers for hands and feet.  It’s a very engaging, handsome skin.



Here’s what I was wearing –

CATWA Paul Mesh Head with Animations HUD

CATWA Mesh Eyes

Adam Mesh Body

No_Match hair – No_Perfection in Coffee 3

Harness and shoulder decoration from Vero Modero – Ramsa Set


Saint or Sinner?  Make up your own mind!

Visit 7 Deadly s{K}ins mainstore



Cheers, m’dears🙂

Ghostly Happenings Afoot with SMA/METAVERSE

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There’s a huge Halloween Event in the SL Fashion world and it’s on this weekend, October 22nd – 23rd.  SMA have teamed up with METAVERSE to bring you a haunted hay ride, GIFTS, a haunted caves HUNT, a dynamic Fashion Show, Shopping, LOTS of Tricks and even more TREATS. What could be nicer?  More info about the Haunted Hay Ride Show and exclusive outfits from HHC follows!

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Last call for Sam from 7 Deadly s[K]ins!

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There’s still time to pick up a generous hunt gift from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, you’ve got until October 22nd to do so. It’s in the Men Only Hunt 8 which is a HUD based hunt. Pick up the HUD  from the Flair for Events office . To work the HUD, wear it and click on a store so that a map comes up with the slurl for you to teleport. At the same time, the hint for that particular gift will be displayed in local chat. You’re looking for a glass of beer. Buy for 0L and the gifts are yours.


“Sam” is the hunt gift and there’s 4 system skins in one tone called clay, a good pale to light mid colour suitable for winter outfits. OMEGA & TMP body appliers are included plus OMEGA & TMP mesh head appliers, 4 in all. SLINK hands/feet appliers also included so that’s a good variety for both system and mesh.

I was wearing the Adam Mesh Body which is OMEGA compatible. So simple, just wear your Omega Relay, and your chosen applier, then it’s just a few clicks and you’re there. I chose the smooth applier variation of Sam. It’s a nicely detailed skin with a handsome face and is such a good gift.

The system skins come with and without hairbase which made a difference to my existing hair by Tableau Vivant from this month’s The Men’s Dept Event.

Visit 7 Deadly s[K]ins mainstore and the hint is ” Wrapped in black, you can sit and relax.”


Good hunting and cheers, m’dears🙂

One Medium Dry Vodka Martini with HHC

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It’s James Bond’s drink of choice, shaken but not stirred, and the quote that always comes to mind whenever 007 is mentioned. Then of course, I go and get a fizzy drink, preferably lucozade *laughs*.

Enough of that – today I’m showcasing the “007 Spectre Tuxedo”, a new release from Heth Haute Couture. It’s inspired by the 24th 007 film, Spectre, in which Daniel Craig played Bond.



Well I love that suit in the poster and if you do, too, then at least you can have it in SL!  Heth’s suit comprises of a tailored double breasted jacket in rich ivory vicuna wool (only the best will do) which is embellished with a 6 button front in polished onyx and a peak lapel.  Also included is a white silk pleated shirt with lay down collar to go underneath, a red lapel carnation, a diamond watch, a black silk bow tie, black crepe slacks, couture sunglasses and formal wing-tip shoes with socks. All in 5 standard Mesh sizes, XS – XL and I was wearing the M size.



Now all I need’s a suitable gal in blue satin to join me!


Visit Heth Haute Couture @ Steine Gardens (Mainstore)


Cheers, m’dears🙂

Written by Moz Loordes

19/10/2016 at 7:17 pm

A Game of Two Halves

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A first post for a new sponsor; 7 Deadly s{K}ins by talented designer Izara Zuta. I’m proud to present the “Crowley” fantasy skin which is both a group gift and a group offer for the month of October. It’s also the name of a 19th century ceremonial magician and occultist so I’ve combined Crowley with 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]‘s gacha “Memories of Salem” which is currently at the Salem Event until the end of October.

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