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Aloha peeps – glad you dropped by!

I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’ve been features writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I’ve gleaned a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. I’ve also worked as a writer for various virtual Fashion and Lifestyle magazines – interviewed loads of fabulous Designers and Creatives  –  and even tried my hand at modeling – but nowadays I live the simple SL life which I enjoy with friends and family, not least of all my lovely partner & husband, Arrchie and our son, Danilo :)

I wouldn’t say I’m one of SL’s greatest photographers *smiles* but I can take good quality high resolution photographs and I’m a dab hand at Photoshop, so if you like my work please get in touch and I’ll promise to do your brand proud!

Written by Moz Loordes

30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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What price, mon’ami?

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etham ascent v-spot picture

I went to check out the Monsieur Chic Event (held half yearly) and thought it was well set up and had lots of delicious designers. It was more than a tad expensive for me, though. The Gabriel jacket I would have scraped out my wallet for had all been sold, so I guess you need to get there promptly.  A bit disappointed, I decided to go to the February round of FaMESHed to look at the Home & Garden offerings.

Walking around the centre vendors, by chance I happened to glance across at the Etham vendor which looked interesting. Not only was the ‘Diego Coat’ stylish, it was also very fairly priced.  So I got the brown variety and was happy about it!  There’s a number of coat colours and they all come with a texture change HUD for the inner top and the buttons with a great range of options. No doubt, I’ll be buying from Etham again.

etham n ascent front

Over to Men Only Monthly and I picked up V-Spot’s ‘Buckled Up Boots’. My goodness, these are smart! This is a middle shade and there are darker and lighter shades but the Event is on it’s last week of the current round, so don’t delay if you want a pair of these. Oh, the Ascend ‘Classic Cargos’ also have a version with suspenders/braces in the same pack. They fit very neatly into the boots!

acent v-spot boots closeup


Cute lapel brooch that has two versions, scripted on SL Time and non-scripted from GDit. This goes with a whole lot of clothes, you can move it around easily and it adds a bit of chic.

Mr Owl lapel clock

Hair – no.match_ NO_HORIZON – mainstore
Ascend//Classic Cargos BLACK TARTAN – mainstore
etham – Diego Coat – Brown – at FaMESHedmainstore
lapel brooch – Mr Owl – GDit – mainstore
V-Spot//Buckled Up Boots BROWN – at Men Only Monthly…. mainstore
Skin – Li Skin (darktone) *BIRTH* – mainstore – they now have Omega body appliers!

Cheers, m’dears :)


Written by Moz Loordes

05/02/2016 at 4:11 pm

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True Love from Zerkalo!

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Zerkalo - True Love - roses n boxes

[zerkalo] have released a beautiful new gacha called, ‘True Love’ and you can try your luck on this at the Gacha Garden Event which runs until February 29th 2016. There are 13 Commons and 1 Rare and it’s 50L per play.

Rare: Large Mannequin – Dressed with adjustable wooden stand and top peg – 3 LI
Commons: Small Mannequins – Dressed and Plain at 3 LI each
Single Rose with card – white and red at 1 LI each
Box with a dozen Roses – white and red at 2 LI each
Box with Candies and lace doily – white and red at 1 LI each
Gift Box with lace doily – white and red at 1 LI each
Pillow edged with lace – 1 LI
Side Table shabby chic style – 2 LI
Birdcage with lace ribbon and wooden bird – 4 LI

Here’s the Rare: – the Large Mannequin looks great by the window. There’s a lot of attention to detail gone into this piece. I remember my mum having one of these and you could adjust the height of it so as to get the right length on skirts and dresses.

Zerkalo - True Love - Rare large mannequin


More Commons: – the two smaller mannequins which seem to be having a chat here, and that lovely cushion which could be a keepsake from a romantic holiday in Paris, plus the very useful Shabby Chic style side table – appreciate those elegant legs.

Zerkalo - True Love - small mannequins


Zerkalo - True Love - Cushion




Zerkalo - True Love - Table

This was my favourite piece, and not just because I love birdies!  The candles have a flicker on the flames which vary subtly in light intensity and make the whole piece come alive. It’s just so delicately and finely made. Table goes well with everything, too. These couple of pieces would make a wonderful hall decoration in their own right.

Zerkalo - True Love - Birdcage


The Gacha Garden offers an extra reward for playing the gachas. 20 plays on a single machine gives the player a ‘Seed of Inspiration’ gift. This will only be available for the duration of the Event. [zerkalo]’s ‘Seed of Inspiration’ is a beautiful Heart Frame that hangs from a lace ribbon and you can place your own photograph in the middle of the heart!


Zerkalo - True Love - Heart Frame

Windlights: – Annan Adored Light Explosion 3, Nacon’s Sweet Morning and Xanthe’s Flawless.

Visit the Gacha Garden Event

Visit [zerkalo] Mainstore

Cheers, m’dears :)

Bathtime Pampering with Chez Moi Furnitures!

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Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - main

Chez Moi Furnitures have released the “Supreme Bathroom & Vanity Place” – a fantastic set which is big on style, pieces and avatar interactions so it’s perfect for roleplay. Available as separate pieces as well but if you purchase the complete line, it works out at 20% off (L$1,556 PG version, Adult version L$1,716). Very fair price, I’ve paid that out just for a bathtub – let alone all the rest of the pieces.

Here’s the stats of the set:
Toilet + Cabinet: 8 LI
Storage boxes and basket with toilet paper: 3 LI
Bathroom sink + Decoration spare: 22 LI
Rack Towels: 4 LI
Rack Bath: 6 LI
Bathtub: 5 LI
Decorated Shelf: 8 LI
Slipper + lingerie: 5 LI
Daybed: 7 LI
Long Mirror: 1 LI
Table: 5 LI
Picture: 2 LI
Rug: 2 LI

If you used everything, it would amount to 68 LI and 98 prims.
– Bathtub Multi Poses and Multi Color –

The fully interactive bathtub has 30 poses for bathing and showering (male and female) and 22 poses for couples in love. In the Adult version you get an additional 48 intimate poses. There’s 3 bath water options – clear, bubble bath and romantic bath with roses. Texture change options give 5 bathtub colours and 4 colours for the carpet. The shelf is full of details and delicate in style – there’s 9 colour options of shabby style wood which means it’s versatile for various bathrooms. The rack over the bath also has the wood options so makes a great matching piece. With a couple in the bath you may need to put this to one side. You can move the shelf and the shower head up and down to suit.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - bath close up


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - bath close up 2


– Toilet –

A choice of three toilets in different colours of marble for the seat and this will also match up with the sink unit – white, pink, pearl. There are 8 male and female animations and if you tap the toilet, you’ll hear the flush sound. A very smart toilet paper holder is also included.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Toilet n towel rail


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - toilet side view


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - toilet top view


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - towel rail n toilet paper holder


– Sink and Bathroom Cabinets –

A gorgeous piece, this. There’s 10 wooden colour options in the shabby style and 3 marble options for the sink. The sink has 10 animations which include washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving and not forgetting – cleaning the sink! Several wearable props include hair dryer, toothbrush, razor and mascara. The lamps will light up and have a good spread of light for evening scenes. The Rack of Towels has 5 combinations to choose from.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - washstand main


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - wash stand mirror top


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - washstand sink unit


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Bathroom rulz


Designer, Nanda, describes the daybed as, “Super feminine and delicate, this lounger is for your moments of vanity or simply relaxing.” There’s 14 animations for male and female, 9 animations for vain women including combing hair, doing makeup and painting nails – wearable props as well! There’s some lovely texture change options for the daybed and pillow – 9 combinations in all. All the furniture with animations is controllable via a menu and has Adjust and Swap functionality.

There’s even a slippers and panties decoration piece which has 4 choices of colour for both.


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Daybed set


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Table


I played around with the texture options which make quite a difference… here’s some of the combinations.

Bathroom variations 1 Bathroom variations 2 Bathroom variations 3

Bathtime - small

Visit Chez Moi Mainstore and try the Supreme Bathroom set out for yourself!

Also available on Marketplace.

For more info on the animations, please visit Nanda’s Website

Cheers, m’dears :)

Not such an old door from 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]

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22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - entire set

A brand new round of Shiny Shabby opened on January 20th and I wandered around it yesterday – with no lag thanks to my new computer – amazing! On until February 14th, there’s lots of goodies to view and purchase including this great set from our friends 22769 ~ [Bauwerk].  It’s called the “Old Door Gaderobe” set and can be purchased as separate pieces as well as the entire set.

Although I was using the set in a relatively modern house, the “Old Door Gaderobe” set didn’t look at all out of place. So yes, it’s that Shiny Shabby styling but it can be used in a number of other styled settings. All pieces are 100% Original Mesh and have Permissions of Copy/Modify so if you wanted, you could tint them to match a particular room. Place the Old Door Gaberobe itself against a wall and you’ve got a false door with matching console table. It’s clever!

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe

Here’s some close-ups to show the quality of the texturing. Land impact is 3.

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - close up 1


22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - Closeup 2


The fabulous Coat Chair is another 3 LI and it has 8 single sit animations. These poses are made by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] and so you won’t be finding them elsewhere. Uniqueness makes for extra quality, don’t you think?

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - Coat Chair


Here’s me, lazing around as usual – and I’ve found the perfect pose to enjoy thinking time in the sun! (Apparel by Cold Ash and hair by No_Match).

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - coat chair animation

The Bird Cage Floor Lamp has a Land Impact of 4. The bulb has a control light intensity script and you can set it anywhere from 0.1 (barely there) to a whopping 1.0 (light show). The spread of light is useful in various settings and for pictures it can add an extra light source which is controllable to a large extent.

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - bird cage floor lamp


Here’s a close-up of the Bird Cage Floor Lamp and I had this on 0.3 light intensity. I was thinking that you could stick a bird inside the cage or even sitting on it, if you wanted.

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - bird cage floor lamp - close up


Beautiful Vintage Storage Boxes with a Land Impact of 3. Very useful decorative piece, here. (Rug from N4RS – ONE Rug – Lofted Wool).

22769 - Old Door Gaderobe - storage boxes


Windlight was TrinettySky – Studio Lighting 2


Visit Shiny Shabby Event – Taxi

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] on Marketplace

Cheers, m’dears :)





Spargel & Shine Homes – Allison Antique Shoppe

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ss Allison front elevation

The ‘Allison Antique Shoppe’ is a beautiful, original mesh shop/prefab by designer Tess of Spargel and Shine. Available at the current round of the Cosmopolitan Event which runs for another week. To view this beauty in the flesh (or in the brickwork) take the teleport at the Cosmopolitan store to the housing and furniture display platform. It’s opposite the main entrance door.

ss Allison side elevation

Land Impact comes in at 23 for the current size and as the perms are Copy/Modify you can alter this. Please take a copy first though, as you don’t want to break the scripting which makes redecorating this shop easy. I’ve done some close-up shots so you can see the depth of texturing which is very fine.

ss Allison Decorator Menu

Find the ‘Decorator Menu’ just inside the door and do click around so you can see the full extent of possibilities. For the exterior, you can have either block – with 22 tint options – or brick. Brick gives a stronger feel to the exterior and would suit certain shopping sims well. There’s plenty of wall space for vendors, both downstairs and on the upper floor, with the use of slit windows on the side walls.

ss Allison front door

An above the door lamp switches on and off at a click and there’s a good spread of light which changes the depth of texture around the front elevation. The doors swing open and closed in a realistic manner.

ss Allison exterior block tint

ss Allison exterior brick

Then there are two interior options for the walls. One controls the downstairs and the other, upstairs. In this way it’s possible to create a different feel to the two floors.  My photos show ‘Sunflower’ downstairs and ‘Spruce’ upstairs.

ss Allison Interior1 downstairs

ss Allison Interior2 upstairs

The price is fair considering the scripting options to exterior and interior and also the fact that it’s original mesh that you won’t find elsewhere. L$925 for the duration of the Cosmopolitan Event. Although Tess designates this as a shop/store, I think it’s practical enough for a small home as well and at only 23 Land Impact, that’s an excellent second option. With the use of a Land Protector, it would have sufficient security for a home. There’d also be plenty of prims left for decorating and landscaping, even on a 512 parcel.

ss Allison stairwell4


ss Allison Interior downstairs

I used Windlights – Annan Adored Light Explosion 2 & TrinettySky – Midday Vivid Blue but ordinary Midday setting is still beautiful and further upholds the quality of the texturing.


Visit Cosmopolitan Event – Taxi

Visit Spargel & Shine Homes mainstore

Spargel & Shine Homes on Marketplace

Cheers, m’dears :)


Marrakech Marvel by [ba] Barnesworth Anubis!

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ba - Marrakech Riad -frontal view

I do wish Barnesworth would stop producing all these excellent buildings as it’s hazardous to my pocketses! This is the ‘Marrakech Riad’ available at Collabor88 for the January round through to February 6th at a reduced cost of L$288.  After that date you can purchase from the mainstore and on Marketplace at full price.

ba - Marrakech Riad - side view

This is an open concept home built around a beautiful landscaped courtyard. It features two private rooms and 3 courtyard facing open rooms. There’s also two rooftop decks with pergolas for plenty of flexibility of use.

ba - Marrakech Riad - landing

Land impact is 231 LI and the house has a 28 x 22 metre footprint. As with all [ba] houses, Marrakech Riad is fully customizable with tinting or using your own textures or tints via the Edit menu so you can make your home really unique. Suitable plants are included!

ba - Marrakech Riad - central stairsway

Scripted features include an easy to use central control for access, windows and doors.

ba - Marrakech Riad - entrance

Visit Collabor88 Event until February 6th

Visit [ba] mainstore

Check out [ba] on Marketplace

ba - Marrakech Riad - looking up

Cheers, m’dears :)

~BAZAR~ Forest Dining Set with Pavilion

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Ria Bazar - table top view
The first LTD | THE EVENT of 2016 opens today at 12pm SLT and runs until January 26th! It’s sure to be a winner with many wonderful designs to purchase and enjoy.

Today, I’m showcasing the ‘Forest Dining Set’ by ~BAZAR~ which is an extremely beautiful set that can be used with or without the included pavilion and chandelier.

Ria Bazar - Pavillion

Not only has designer, Ria, made a stunning set visually, it’s also packed with dining animations and a full food menu. All pieces have Permissions of Copy/Modify so the drapes can be tinted, the table stretched up and down according to the number of guests you have but the pieces are also amazingly low prim.

Ria Bazar - indoors side view

The set is made with 100% original meshes.

Ria has thoughtfully provided a rezzable set and a set with individual items in the pack. I used the rezzer because I’m lazy but later on I fiddled with the table and you can stretch it down if you had only 4 guests for instance and it would still look fabulous. The pieces are very low prim – Dining Chairs – LI 2, Pavilion LI 7, Chandelier LI 3, Flower pots LI 1, place settings inc glasses LI 1, wine bottles LI 1, candles LI 1, menu cards – LI 1. You could get away with under 40 LI for a 6 place setting.

Ria Bazar - chairs

The dining chairs have animations for ladies, gentlemen and children. The children’s poses are especially delightful with plenty to keep them occupied! Adjust function ensures a perfect pose for your avatar size.

Ria Bazar - menu card

Each place setting can be individually controlled and the owner of the set can also choose who can access the menu via the Security/Adjust menu. Auto Clear and Auto Save – a useful distance menu that clears place settings when no avatars are around within a preset distance – are further options.

Ria Bazar - place setting close-up

The Pavilion itself has a texture menu for the drapes/curtains and are also tintable. Each candle and the Chandelier is individually clickable on/off. Great for that perfect atmosphere.

Ria Bazar - Chandelier

There’s a large menu available with a good selection of course, drinks and water. You’ll be spoiled for choice!  I rezzed the dining set in a room and also outdoors so you can see the size of the Pavilion, if you choose to have that out. The dining table and chairs look equally good on their own, of course.

Ria Bazar - menu examples

Visit LTD | THE EVENT, 12pm SLT today until Jan 26th!

Cheers, m’dears :)


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