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I’ve been blogging Menswear and Home Decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  On Facebook & Flickr I belong to a plethora of Menswear and Decor groups and publish and link to this blog from those areas.

In addition, I’m Features Writer on ‘Love to Decorate’ magazine and from that interesting work, I glean a lot of fascinating and useful information on the Home & Garden world of Second Life. If I have Designers on my side bar it’s because I absolutely adore their work and love to blog it! If you would like me to do the same, please get in touch :)

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Another excuse for a massive decorating spree!

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After quite a while in our lovely Redgrave ‘Luton Manor’ house, Arrchie n me decided to get a new one for the autumn/winter season – after a huge amount of saving up and restraining ourselves on the clothing front!

We rezzed the reBourne ‘Lake House’ last week and are enjoying decorating it. This sits in a skybox with many pictorial surrounds but you can also rez it on the ground. We decided to skybox it under our platform and make the platform into a huge garden with lake. Arrchie also has a small holding there which I’ll do a post for all on it’s own because I’m proud of his work on it.

Here’s the lounge just started. Out of all rooms in a house if you’ve got a lounge and a bedroom done, then the rest can be achieved gradually.

New House - lounge beginnings

Furniture – Shutter Field, Zerkalo, La Galleria, Dreamscapes

Upstairs we were testing the bath in a highly PG manner! This is ensuite into a beautiful bedroom which we’ve just started to get the main pieces of furniture in and it’ll be a fusion of eastern and boho styling. I do find the wooden flooring and softer coloured walls of this house pleasing when in real life it is bogging down outside and colder than you’d expect for August.

New House - bath

Furniture – reBourne, Cheeky Pea, Dutchie, GDit Decor

Just in case you’re all thinking I’ll be doing no work for ages – well here is the desk!! I’ve always loved this desk by Cheeky Pea. OK, it’s sculpt and a bit primmy but so, so comfortable. Haven’t seen another desk set that would take its place.

New House - desk
Furniture – Fancy Decor, Zerkalo, Cheeky Pea, 22769 ~ [Bauwerk}, Alouette

That’s all for now.
Cheers, m’dears!

Handsome Devil gets his chips!

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Handsome Devil - fish n chips

There’s a new round of Men Only Monthly on now for August with many fine offerings – poses, tattoos, clothing and accessories. Well worth a peruse. V-Spot has released the ‘Handsome Devil’ set of sweaters which fit very nicely.  Since Vertigo started the comic photos, I thought I’d continue :)

These are available in a choice of 5 colours – Tan, Navy, Grey, Green and Black. Standard sizing XS – XL with a couple of excellent alphas. I was wearing the L size. Here’s a montage of all the choices.

Handsome Devil- montage

Other clothing – V-Spot ‘Skinny Jeans’, V-Spot ‘Shadow Runners’. Home & Garden – 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] ‘Driftwood Wicker Chair’ and ‘Floating Fish Copper’

Cheers, m’dears!

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014




Storax Tree – July Releases

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Designer, Kate, has many beautiful new releases for Storax Tree this July! It’s well worth visiting the Sales Room every week for bargains – all new releases and all 60L or under for a limited time. And why not pick up the July group gifts while you’re there. Every week group members receive a comprehensive run down via notecard on current bargains and new releases.

There’s new additions to the ‘Tropics Range’. A beautiful teardrop shaped hanging chair and set of planters. I used ‘Tropics Spring Planter Di’ and ‘Tropics Teardrop Hanging Chair Af ‘- more varieties available.

Tropics hanging chair n planter

The planter is 3 Land Impact and permissions are Transfer/resize via HUD. The chair is 10 Land Impact and is packed with animations, some of which rez props – 3 table sits, writing, 3 casual sits, eating/paper, coffee/paper, coffee n chat.

Tropics hanging chair n planter_side view

Here’s the planter in close-up so you can see the hidden gnome!

Tropics planter_close up

A completely new series – the ‘Joie’ set has matching items, all with their variations.  I used :

‘Joie de Couture Mannequin Aq’ – LI 5 – transfer/resizer
‘Joie de Modestie Room Divider Cq’ – LI 10 – transfer/resizer
‘Joie de Tournesol Candles AAi’ – LI 8 – transfer/resizer

Joie set - main

‘Radio Days Seating’ – the ’33 RPM Bn’ variation here – is typical retro styling and again, packed with 13 animations, some of which rez props.  It has a Land Impact of 9 and permissions are Copy/resize via HUD.

Radio Days seating

The ‘Coffee n Chat’ animation!

Radio Day - coffee n chat

There’s three of these new release ‘Simple Elegance Tray Table’ sets on new release and I was using the ‘Bamboo H’ variation.  Land Impact of 8 and permissions are Transfer/resize via HUD. Close-up shows all the detail, you won’t need any other accessories for a great tea time table.

Simple Elegance - bamboo tray

bamboo tray close up

The last little group is as follows:

‘Morocco Table Top Collection B’ – LI 2 – transfer/resizer
‘Feline Treasures’ – Naptime – Solids Siamese d – LI 3 – transfer/resizer
‘Clay and Willows Vase DL’ – LI 3 – transfer/resizer

Cat Vase Moroccan group

All these items have variations with many being on offer in the Sales Room! The vase is really beautiful with pussy willow sticks and clay base. It’s quite tall and can be used to good effect with height levels in a room.

Cat Vase Moroccan close up

And the best way to see all of these? Try Storax Tree on Marketplace. There are over 4700 quality products available and you’ll always find the newest releases there first.

Also… visit the Storax Tree Sales Room for many bargains and to access the group gifts, that’s a direct landmark.


Cheers, m’dears!






V-Spot – Men Only Monthly

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V-Spot’s ‘Heavy Cargo Shorts’ are now available at Men Only Monthly!  Made from a substantial cotton canvas with plenty of pockets, tabs, buttons and style, you’ll love these shorts. Integral belt and matching underpants go well with the shorts.  It’s quite possible to match these up with any medium length T-shirts that will go over the underpants for an additional look.  Team up with open boxy jackets if the weather gets colder.

Heavy Cargo Shorts_Skateboard

They come in standard sizing XS – XL, and six colours – Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki, Navy and Tan. I was wearing the L size and could have easily got away with the M but I like plenty of room in the summer heat.  Here’s a montage of all the colours.

Heavy Cargo Shorts_montagejpg

The boots are V-Spot ‘Renegade Kombat Boots’ – a group gift – and the fabulous skateboard is free on MP. If you type in ‘skateboard’ it’s one of the top vendors.

Until next time, Cheers, m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014



Written by Moz Loordes

28/06/2015 at 7:21 pm

V-Spot @ Boys of Summer Event

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Is it summer yet?  Well it must be because the ‘Boys of Summer’ event is on now!  Talk about lazing around in a deckchair watching the day go by :)

BOS15 Deckchair

V-Spot  have released a great Tee at the event. It comes in 5 varieties – Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Purple which all have different print textures. There’s bound to be one you like or even all of them.  Sizing is both in FitMesh 1 and 2, and standard sizing S, M and L.  A couple of Alphas make this sexy Tee easy to fit. I used FitMesh 1 together with Alpha 1. (Pants worn are V-Spot Rock Star pants available from the mainstore).

Here’s a montage of all the colours –

BOS15 Montage

I was at New Brighton – a pretty good representation of an old fashioned British pier and surrounding sea front which is not far off what it is nowadays back in the real world. The group owning the sim has events at the end of the pier which is decked out like an Art Deco bar and seating area – much fun! Windlight setting was – ‘Annan Adored Realistic ambient’.

BOS15 Brighton Pier

Here’s a Taxi to the ‘Boys of Summer’ event.

Here’s a Taxi to the sim ‘New Brighton’.

That’s all for today, Cheers m’dears :)

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014

LTD – The Event – impressions

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LTD – The Event starts today at 12pm SLT!  I took a wander around while it was quiet and before the doors opened. So nice to be able to do that!

scenic central notice

My pictures are quick impressions – already the place has an exciting atmosphere and it resembles a London shopping area. Not one of those with large shops such as Baker Street or Oxford Street for instance, nor one of the markets like Petticoat Lane with all its frenetic business bustle but it was somewhat like Chelsea or Notting Hill – a mixture of suburbia and village commerce.

scenic street

I especially liked the red letter box landscaping touch here!

scenic postbox

Now for some of the shops!  A bit ‘Through the Keyhole’ here lol. This the window of Revival.

Revival 1 shop

Revival 2 shop

Wonderful stuff!  Who knew you could get gardens inside shops? Oyasumi managed it!

Oyasumi shop

Another garden shop from Consignment with lots of lovely decor.

Consignment 2 shop

Consignment 1 shop

A quick peek into N4RS shop and very nice furniture, too! Fat packs ahoy – time to unlock your wallet.

N4RS shop

A wonderful lot of decor and furniture from The Loft, those vividly colour tables are fab!

The Loft shop

Blinking light bulbs on ropes and display boards at the Tarte. shop and I can think of lots of places for the bulb display – even outside a building.

Tarte shop

A dreamy set at the Kalopsia and Vagabond shop, this looks really beautiful and reminds me of summer lazing about on the beach in some really good weather.

Kalopsia and Vagabond shop

A quick glimpse inside Sway’s shop – these will be good sellers I’m sure!

Sways shop

A final quick shot of the leafy green central part of the set complete with food stalls – lovely :)

scenic central

So… here’s a taxi to LTD – The Event – but hold your horses, it won’t be open to the public until 12pm SLT! It is on all month though.

Cheers, m’dears!


Written by Moz Loordes

10/06/2015 at 6:13 pm

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(BYRNE) – Nico Outfit – EVENT@1st

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Event@1st is now open for the June round! This event helps designers to showcase their new fashion items like clothing, accessories, skins and poses. The event ends on the 25th of each month.

Designer Nicole Byrne of (BYRNE) has made the ‘Nico’ outfit for us gents. It comprises a deep neck top with low rise pants in 100% Mesh.  Standard sizes XS – XL and there’s two variations – mainly black and mainly white. Permissions are Copy.  There’s also a Transfer version for gifting.

Here’s the mainly black version and you’ll see the plain linen weave fabric with patterned contrast.



This is the mainly white version, the neck smooths out into a border and again – there’s the contrast linen weave texture and pattern.




Here’s your TAXI to Event@1st!

Cheers, m’dears!

Written by Moz Loordes

05/06/2015 at 10:05 pm


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