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Aloha peeps,

I’ve been blogging menswear and home decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  Official blogger for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and all the good folks on my side bar still send me their stuff so I must be OK *smiles*.  If you would like me to do the same, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by :)

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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EB Awareness Fundraising week

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There are a number of good people working for various charities in Second Life. I choose to support debra – its a charity that works for children with the most appalling and painful genetic skin condition epidermolysis bullosa – and this week from 25th Oct to 31st Oct there’s a fund raiser with exclusive and new designs plus evening programs of music and fun. Please do come along and support this cause :)

There’s no cure for EB but there is support and research into this distressing condition. Last fund raiser in Second Life raised as much money as the first life event – so it only goes to show that SL people are equally generous in their giving.

This slurl will land you in the greeting place with info about the social events and a TP board to all the stores. Don’t forget to visit the Gacha Garden, too!

Here’s GDit Jewelry’s exclusives (and if you click that landmark again it’s a direct route to GDit’s store) -


model by Cindy


MarquetryTable and Lamp2_GDit Jewelry

Garden Lemuel Lo_BLOG

Lemuel Lo set_BLOG


Cheers, m’dears!


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25/10/2014 at 12:54 pm

Hello Tuesday – 21st October

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News of some very nice items for today’s ‘Hello Tuesday’ event on the Cosmopolitan sim. Direct slurls given to the stores :)


V-Spot – 50% off this version of the Cobain Jacket and shirt – bestseller, vintage, what more could you want? Standard 5 sizes XS to XL with a great fitting alpha.

V-Spot Cobain jacket n shirt LARGE

[Pray for Death] – best jeans… 50% off these fab jeans!

PFD posh jeans

V-spot PFD montage

[Me Sew Sexy] – elegant grey mixture suit/tux at 50% off. All in one alpha and standard sizes XS to XL in both jacket and trousers. Three clicks and you’re ready for that posh evening out :)

Me Sew Sexy

Cheers, m’dears :)

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21/10/2014 at 12:43 pm

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Cosmopolitan 2nd Birthday Round

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As if you didn’t know already (I’m a bit late with this post) Cosmopolitan Sale Room are celebrating their 2nd Birthday. Not only do we get all the Designer’s usual bargains but also Birthday gift goodies!  Well worth a visit, this present round is on until Sunday 26th October.

I’ve picked a few items from the Menswear and one which is unisex with a bit of resizing.

GIOmen amazing leather trousers, a choice of colours on the HUD and beautifully textured. Standard 5 sizes from XS to XL.

GIOmen AB Shoeminati montage

GIOmen leather pants HUD

American Bazaar (AB) Sweaters in five colours – blue, bordeaux, citrouille, grey and marron, standard 5 sizes.

AB Jumper and black GIOmen

GIOmen AB Shoeminati reverse

Sneakers by Shoeminati called HQ mesh footwear in a choice of  textures – cheetah, cherry, ghost, smoke checker, true black and true blue – loved these because they fitted so well with mesh trousers and are resizable in all varieties.


Shoeminati_smoke checker

NS – Old Stereo – which you can hang around the neck or carry. There are varieties that play a tune with wearing – Pump Up, Rock Lobster – no tune varieties and they are all animated to an extent so that the speakers go round.  Also included is a HUD to change what the stereo looks like – brilliant!

NS Old Stereo

NS old stereo HUD

7mad;Ravens – a mask called The Governor in many colourways – black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, white and yellow. Easily resizable, no problem :)


That’s all for now, be back later… Cheers, m’dears :)

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20/10/2014 at 10:20 pm

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Hello Tuesday – 14th October

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Time for another ‘Hello Tuesday’ event on the Cosmopolitan sim!  Some great bargains this week and here’s some of the Menswear and Decor.

Storax Tree have two items out in their unique style, the ‘Radio Days Wall Shelf ‘ which is 6 land impact, transfer with a resizer – great vintage appeal here – and the ‘Chimenea Fireplace’ at 7 land impact, transfer with a resizer. Touch the burnt wood for flames and a fire sound.  These items are on sale until 19th October.

Radio Days_Storax Tree

Chimenea Fireplace_Storax Tree

Now for some of the Menswear! I went to chop wood in the virtual woods and not a lumberjack in sight :)

V-Spot have the ‘Blue Days Shirt’ for only L$50. This is an open fronted shirt in the standard 5 sizes XS – XL with a couple of excellent alphas.  Bit chilly out there, though. Good job I have that fireplace out :)

V-Spot_Blue Days Open Shirt


Munereia have a versatile scarf for us this week, it’s unisex with versions for ladies and gents. Options for rigged and unrigged and different sizes plus a HUD for all those textures. Looks as good at the back as it does at the front!


scarf HUD


A$ap is our newbie at Cosmopolitan! Designer Oliver’s made these jeans entitled ‘Pray for Death’.  Standard sizes XS-XL with alpha.  I think you might catch your death of cold in them but at least you’d be in style while you were doing so :)


7 Deadly s{K}ins bargain is the ‘Morten skin and shape and brows’. Really brilliant shape and skin here and if you want to put fingernails over it (as no appliers for Slink hands) use Mandala nails – simples!

7 Deadly_Morten_skin and shape

7 Deadly_Morten_skin and shape_closeup

Cheers, m’dears :)

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14/10/2014 at 10:44 am

Hello Tuesday 7th Oct – Menswear & Decor

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There are some excellent bargains out for this week’s ‘Hello Tuesday’ on the Cosmopolitan sim! Looking outside my window today it’s rain and thunder as storms cross the UK – usual October weather, no high winds so far, though – and we don’t want them either.

Storax Tree – have these gorgeous vintage plant pots out, 3 land impact each, transfer and only 50L$ a pot. That’s one of Storax Tree’s fab woven rugs, too.

Storax Tree - Vintage pots

Munereia – a great ribbed knit top with insert that you can change via the HUD. This comes in the standard sizes and I was wearing the L/XL variety.  It’s a close to the body fitting and called ‘Sleeves’, only 50L$


Munereia HUD

AsHmOoT – love this shirt/cardigan combo. You can wear it with or without the shirt underneath and it comes in 5 standard sizes XS to XL plus a Fitted mesh version.  50% off this combo.


V-Spot – 50% off this version of the Ol Timer jacket in black. Great vintage styling and I would have worn a t-shirt underneath but the Labs were just about to restart the sim so I had to take the photo and run :) This is one of my favs from V-Spot because you can wear it with so many layers underneath or on its own if you want to go out into the countryside and freeze off in the October weather *laughs* Time to switch on the heating!

V-spot ol timer jacket


Cheers, m’dears :)

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07/10/2014 at 2:30 pm

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Cosmopolitan Sale Room #23 – Menswear

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Time for our fortnightly fix of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room! Some of the menswear that the designers are spoiling us with this time :)

V-Spot  – The Beats Collection.  A fabulous set of hoodies and snapbacks in six musical themed designs. I mixed n matched in one of the photos and why not? At only L$159, you can afford a couple of these sets.  Usual standard 5 sizes XS to XL with a good alpha and range of colours. I was wearing the Eggplant colour in the first photo and Blue & Red in the second, both size L. The snapback is easy resize.

V-Spot - The Beats Collection

V-Spot - The Beats Collection 2

F.A.D. – The Outsider Leather Jacket and Hoodie. This is HUD-driven to give a choice of four leathers and four hoodie colours, all in good toning/contrasting textures. Perfect for what it says on the label – outside!  Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, plus alpha textures included in case of fitting difficulties but I don’t think you’ll have any. Very smart casual.

FAD Outsider leather jacket n hoodie


GioMEN – HUD-Driven Baggy Trousers. Endless texture amusement with this extensive HUD, dark and light shades for the main material. Suspenders included and these are also alterable on the HUD.   Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, with a great alpha. All this for only L$70 – GioGoodness :)

Poses are from Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1, a set of 5 useful poses.

GIOmen_baggy trousers 2

GioMEN HUD for Baggy Trousers

GIOmen_baggy trousers 1

American Bazaar – Smart mesh Jogg Capris in black, blue, dark, red L. black and grey @ L$99 each. PLUS… Vans Hoodie in black, blue, grey, khaki, L.Grey and Pale @ L$119 each.  Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, you can’t go wrong with these staple wardrobe items.

Pose from Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1.

American Bazaar JoggCapri VansHoodie

[Cila]  – unisex backpack called Born to be Wild and there are two varieties, the White Zebra standard and White Zebra one shoulder. This is worn over the American Bazaar Vans Hoodie and the pose is from  Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1.

Cila backpack on AB VansHoodie

That’s all for today, so I will wish you an excellent week and…

Cheers, m’dears :)



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29/09/2014 at 8:34 pm

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Cosmopolitan Sale Room #22-02 Decor

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Lots of lovely decor still available until 28th September at the Cosmopolitan Sale Room :)

Shutter Field have this collection of storage boxes to cover all eventualities! At between 2 to 4 LI you’ll be able to fit them in the appropriate rooms and garden.  Very good LOD on these, they are all copy and make great decorations.

shutterfield storage box collection 2

shutterfield storage box collection 1

BananaN have two sets of Boho style items this round. Firstly, the cabinets in four colours. These are 2 LI each and fully modify/copy. Shabby chic at its finest!

BananaN Boho Cabinets


Secondly, BananaN have these set of Boho stools in four colours that would match the cabinets nicely.  5 animations in each and also copy/modify. Great stuff!

BananaN Boho stools

Storax Tree have some more items for your Napa Valley collection and if you’ve been attending Cosmo Sale Room for some time now, you’ll have quite a few pieces from this collection.

Napa Valley Chair in light wood with PG animations and props, LI 3, copy with resizer and two varieties
Napa Valley Loveseat, LI 6,  with PG animations and props including writing with pencil, reading newspaper and taking tea/coffee and cake.
Rugs – woven herringbone rug, LI 1, transfer and resizer
woven diamonds rug, LI1, transfer and resizer

Napa Valley Chair Lt Wood Be

Napa Valley Chair Lt Wood Ae

Napa Valley Loveseat Lt Wood Ae


How long have I been waiting for a decent woven rug? Forever!  I like them to go in kitchens, bathrooms and halls, not to mention with such a themed suite.

Woven Diamonds Rug e

Woven Herringbone Rug e

And just to demonstrate some of the Loveseat props… scoff away, Moz  lol

Napa Valley suite n props

Cheers, m’dears :)

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25/09/2014 at 10:27 pm

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