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Aloha peeps,

I’ve been blogging menswear and home decor for… errr ahem X number of years and still really enjoy it! Feeds: Male Fashion Feed, Designing SL, Blogging SL.  Official blogger for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and all the good folks on my side bar still send me their stuff so I must be OK *smiles*.  If you would like me to do the same, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by :)

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Cosmopolitan Sale Room #22 Menswear

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Round #22 of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room is now on until 28th September.  Once again, the designers are spoiling us!

[ZENTRO] has the amazing Dreamcatcher tattoo, a line drawn artwork that covers the torso, arms and hands. Also included is an applier HUD for slink hands so no worries about the design being cut off if you wear those chappies. Pose is from {NanTra} Scheherazade – a 8 pose pack with mirror poses and it’s all about Arabian Nights. Although mostly a ladies pose pack, I’ve used this one anyway, tongue in cheek :) They make great poses!

Zentro - large


Zentro back


GIOMEN  has the HUD-driven Baraqa Shirt, a very useful smart casual style shirt with a number of colorways. Standard 5 sizing from XS to XL and I found the L size was a perfect fit over mesh jeans.

GIOman Baraqa shirt

GIOMAN Baraqa shirt HUD


F.A.D is a new designer at Cosmo and here’s the Men’s Guerrilla Leather Jacket. The pack is comprehensive with versions of the jacket in Materials and ordinaire. Standard 5 sizing from XS to XL, I wore M and L easily. Great alpha, too! Also included is an arm patch for all sizes and a notecard with instructions on how to create your own patch. If you’re conversant with a graphics program like PS, Paintshop or Gimp – it would be a lot of fun to make up your own design texture. Then you simply drag the texture to the patch. Brilliant addition!

F.A.D Men's Guerrilla Leather Jacket

F.A.D Men's Guerrilla Leather Jacket - back

Here’s the patch….

F.A.D Men's Guerrilla Leather Jacket- patch

See you soon for the Cosmo Decor post!

Cheers, m’dears :)


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22/09/2014 at 12:28 pm

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A bit of Decadence at 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

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22769 ~ [bauwerk] very recently added an ornament to this collection called the ‘Brutus Lamp’ so I rezzed it and thought – wow!  Then delving into the depths of my inventory (a dangerous and laggy place) I found the rest of the ‘Decadence is Bliss’ collection. It’s brilliant and I’m sure you’ll think so too!

Here’s the ‘Concert Grand Piano’ which has open and closed versions, plus the ‘Concert Grand Stool’ which is filled with a number of suitable animations in true 22769 style (Concert Grand open – LI 13/11 Prims, Concert Grand closed – LI 9/7 Prims, Concert Grand Stool – Li 2/2 Prims. The skull book holders and Lily vase  are part of the separate ‘Console set’ (LI 2/1 Prim and LI 5/2 Prims).  By the side of the piano is the ‘Kraken Dinner Table’, again a separate part of this collection which comes with dining chair complete with 10 animations (Table – LI 4/2 Prims, Chair – LI 3/2 Prims).

Decadence grand piano and ornaments


This is the bureau from the Console set, beautiful  fleur-de-lys detailing on the drawers. The ‘Skull Black Chair’ (LI 10/3 Prims) seen from the front and if viewed from the back, its in the shape of a skull. The chair has 11 single sit animations which are very expressive.

Decadence bureau and ornaments


Here’s that fabulous chair again, accompanied by the ‘Kraken End Table’ in black. There’s also a silver version (both LI 7/2 Prims).

Decadence Kraken table and skull chair

A lot of items here. Firstly there’s the ‘Decadence Leather Sofa’ which has a PG version and an adult version (both LI 18/4 Prims).  15 single animations and 9 couple animations on the PG version, all those plus 9 male/female adult , 8 male/male Adult  and 9 female/female Adult animations on the adult version – so pretty decadent :)  Ornaments I haven’t mentioned before – a stunning violin in case and this is a daft 2LI/2 prims only for all that detail. And sitting patiently by the side of the sofa is the ‘Brutus Lamp’ which started off the whole photography session.

Decadence sofa and ornaments

All furniture from the ‘Decadence is Bliss’ collection is copy/modify. Many thanks to Arrchie for modeling in as decadent a manner as possible given the PG rating of my blog :)

Cheers, m’dears :)



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19/09/2014 at 4:23 pm

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More V-Spot Goodness :)

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There’s a great group gift out at V-Spot mainstore! It’s this ‘Deadleaf’ Shirt, standard 5 sizing with excellent alpha. This will go with so many Fall/Autumn outfits, both casual and posh, that I’ll never be out of it :)

Deadleaf Shirt

And this is VerTig0’s latest design – the ‘Vintage N Cool’ Jacket combo. Colorways are black, brown, green and grey, all equally useful on top of jeans or trousers. Really impressed with this design. If you’re a V-Spot group member you can get this for only L$140 so well worth it! I’m wearing the L size but the M size also fits, I just like the vintage look worn a little loose.

Vintage N Cool Jacket_med

Cheers, m’dears :)

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12/09/2014 at 1:29 pm

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Junk. – Vintage Barbers Set

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What a great piece of kit! Never seen this done before :)

Originally posted on Love To Decorate:



JUNK. is at THE MENS DEPT this month with the VINTAGE BARBERS SET which is now available at the event.

The Vintage Barbers Set, the vintage 1920’s styled barbers chair is 6 land impact, barbers drawers at 1 land impact and the framed cut-throat razors are at 1 land impact.


View original

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09/09/2014 at 11:14 am

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Cosmopolitan Sale Room 21/02 Decor

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Showcasing some fantastic bargains from the current round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room, which ends 14th September so you’ve still got time to check these out :)

Storax Tree… all these five items from the Napa Valley range are priced at only 50L$. They are so detailed and fit the rustic theme perfectly that they are an absolute steal.  Two varieties of  Night Stands which are 8 land impact each and transfer with a resizer script :-

Napa Valley Night Stand Ba

Napa Valley Night Stand Aa

Two varieties of Bureau which are 12 land impact each, transfer and have a resizer script. Great level of detail on these and I wonder what the telescope is for? Maybe to look out for more mice :-

Napa Valley Bureau Ba

Napa Valley Bureau Aa

And a light wood version of the Napa Valley bed which I’ve showcased a couple of times before. It’s 25 land impact, copy with a resizer script and texture change for all the pieces (except for the pillows) in toning colours. There are PG animations and props for singles and couples. Can’t believe this is only 50L$… are we mad?!? Don’t answer that :)

Nature's Bliss Napa Valley Bed Lt Wood L

Fast becoming a favorite designer of mine, BananaN have come up with these stylish Table Trunks which are –  tables in the form of trunks *laughs*. Now I say that jokingly but these look really good and can bring an element of humour to your decor. Available in 3 sets of 2 tables you can have black and white,  blue and orange or pink and green. These are copy and resizable and come in at 3 land impact. Each set is 129L$.

BananaN 2

BananaN 1

That’s all for this post so I will say… Cheers, m’dears!

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08/09/2014 at 2:26 pm

Cosmopolitan Sale Room 21/02 – Menswear

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There’s still another week to pick up some amazing bargains in Menswear at the latest round of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room :)

For the first time, correct me if I’m wrong, we have some Fitted Mesh – hurrah! -Instinct – are offering these stylish ‘Surf  on 1922′ zipped sweatshirts. One size because they mould to the figure and one alpha, these tops come in black, blue, gray, green and red and are only 70L$.



I’m showing a couple of designs in the following pictures. Zentro has made the ‘Outlaw’ tattoo and it’s available in new and faded layers. I’m wearing the faded which is perfect on dark skin. Priced for this round only at 250L$.



The hat n hair by Damselfly is called ‘Alon’ and is offered in a number of colour batches that all include  some dipped varieties. There’s a HUD that works the hair colour/resize and another HUD that works the materials of the Fedora hat. 70L$ for the batches.

Damselfly hair colour chart

Damselfly Fedora HUD


GIOmen are offering this fab ‘Polo Shirt with Shades’. Standard five sizes from XS-XL with a good alpha. This shirt has a slightly oversized look for comfort which goes particularly well with straight pants. The HUD will change the colour of the shirt and also the shades so you can get a number of variations.



That’s all for now, so I will say… Cheers, m’dears!




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06/09/2014 at 5:25 pm

Fraternizing at V-Spot!

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V-Spot’s latest release is the cool ‘Frat Boy’ shirt and it’s available in 6 colours – black, grey, red, blue, sand and green.  All in the standard sizes XS-XL with a well executed alpha as usual. I was wavering between a medium and a large size and it would depend on the type of pants you wore with this shirt.

Usually priced at L$139, you can get it now for only L$98 (30% off) until September 1st by joining the V-Spot group.  Ready now at V-Spot mainstore and on Marketplace sometime next week.

Frat Boy shirt_red_blog

I went to Soundproof  club to take the pictures (many thanks Byrne and Dox!) in amidst the great decor:)

Frat Boy shirt_blue_blog

Cheers, m’dears :)

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27/08/2014 at 5:39 pm

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