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Aloha, Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to my humble blogette where I pen my thoughts on modeling, fashion, life, the universe and everything, all appertaining to the virtual world of Second Life. You must take me as you find me for I am not so shoppingly stylish as Mr Ugajin, nor so infinitely amusing as Mr Fall nor indeed so cold bloodedly hot as Mr Jefferson. But I do enjoy writing about the wild, weird and wonderful world of Second Life and so that is what it says on the label and exactly what you’ll find here. Suffice to say I think it terribly common to get into amateur dramatics and so do not entertain such notions. I am neither a writer nor a stylist nor a model nor a photographer of any repute, I dabble in them just for fun and to make wonderful and entertaining friends. Thank you!

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30/09/2010 at 6:49 pm

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Little April Showers

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When you’ve stepped outdoors straight into what looks like a mangrove swamp even though you’re in the UK… when it looks like the storm on the horizon has finally arrived… when you definitely need your wellies and a sturdy brolly… you know it’s time for April showers!

full outfit

This outfit is from ~Shadow Moon~ products by Candy Nizna and is call ‘Umbrella Storm’. You get mesh wellington boots, a matching umbrella with inbuilt animation as shown, unisex Indie Jeans that also have cuffs but fit inside any boot on their own plus the Ridgeway shirt in brown. I quizzed Candy on where to find this in her store and she gave me a direct landmark – HERE – right up front in the “New” Section.


The shirt and jeans are old school but so well textured! I liked the way the shirt fits over the waistband of the jeans as it would be back in our other world. The shirt you can wear under mesh jackets and it would look stylish in any case. The wellies and brolly are sheer cute!  Imagine wearing those wellies with a hard man leather coat, at least you’d get noticed! Many thanks, Candy :)


Cheers, m’dears :)

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06/04/2014 at 12:33 pm

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In Praise of System Clothing

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Mesh has a lot of good points – clarity of design, standard sizing and now even better ease of wear with the flexible mesh, alpha heaven… and all that good stuff BUT in my humble opinion there is still a place in SL Apparel for system clothing and good sculpts.  I went through my Inventory yesterday to find some of my favorite pieces. Yes, I did mix them with mesh but only to show the versatility!  I note that various stores including the great Razor still have an ‘old school’ section for system and sculpt apparel. They wouldn’t have this if it didn’t sell.

moz montage small BLOG

I chose a Lapointe & Bastchild set called Envy. There are more pieces to this set but I’m wearing the system sheer top with sculpt neckline, the sculpt belt and the system pants. Sculpt shoes are Neko by Sensual Mistery – not sure if they are still in action. Nails are from Mandala, nail palette2 and those are sculpt. System eyes are from Poetic Colors in Quicksilver. Skin is Logan by Akeruka.

The mesh pieces are hair by Exile – Far Behind Dark Browns, Jewelry by GDit Jewelry – subscriber group gift signet ring and Apollo bracelet which is in the Megastuff Hunt until end of March.

moz half body small BLOG

I still adore the L&B set. It always looked great to wear. That Exile hair is equally adorable but it won’t fit over some mesh pieces without disappearing into them, system apparel has no problems with that. The same problem applies to any jewelry you want to wear with mesh tops – a fab bracelet can just disappear into the cuff of a mesh shirt or jacket.

The L&B belt you can move up and down the hips which is not always possible with mesh that has a ‘textured in’ belt. It looks good to me and it’s more adaptable in that you can modify separate parts of it rather than the whole thing resizing in one. I don’t see a lot of difference between sculpt and mesh shoes IF the designer is a great texture artist.

Those Poetic Colors eyes – I have never found a mesh pair that is any the better so I stick to this set. The Mandala nails I still use because it’s been a long time in the making with Slink hands for men. That set is very good value because as well as various textures, there’s also various shapes of nails all in one HUD. Interesting, isn’t it? I wonder how many of us actually use system, sculpt and mesh – even if we don’t talk about it :)

That’s all for now, Cheers, m’dears!



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29/03/2014 at 4:38 pm

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Spring on the High Seas

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Resisting all the sailor jokes I can think of, which are varied, many and not suitable for a PG blog – I’d like to present B&W’s newest addition – the Sailor Spring Look. It’s a wonderful combo of jacket with or without t-shirt and pants. Plenty of choice on the HUD, too, so I’ll start with that. Very easy to use – just click your choice and wear the appropriate alpha.

sailor spring look HUD


Five sizes – XS up to XL. And I did my usual trick of wearing a larger sized jacket over a medium pants. B&W also include a handy notecard with the recommended avatar sizing for a perfect fit but I found that using the various alphas there is no problem for a good fit there.

darker combo_B&W

darker combo_reclined

Wearing the Jacket without the T-shirt is as easy as clicking a button on the HUD.

jacket only

Another lighter combo this time!

lighter combo_B&W

Here’s your TAXI to B&W. I have to say that the price of this Sailor Spring Look is terrifically good considering all the combos and separates that can be made from it.

Credits – all jewelry by GDit Jewelry, skin Logan by fantastic Akeruka worn with Nivaro beard Trimmed Soul , Hat n Hair Howie by Amacci, hair Jay by [Monso] dark Rider boots by Redgrave and Ashford brogues by *FIR & MNA*

Until next time, Cheers m’dears!

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17/03/2014 at 12:24 pm

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Lounge about in Lace!

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Another lovely furniture post!

This time I’m featuring the Chaise Lounger LACY by Fi’s Creations and here’s her blog. This lounger is on offer for the February run of The Kollective, a collaboration between designers and bloggers with fab results. The theme for February was Cold Blustery Winter.

I think Fi managed to combine the theme colours admirably. There’s great scripting here with a texture changer for all sofa parts including frame, back piece and side arm in ice blue and soft pink so you can go with the one colour and lace throw or multi colours and lace throw. The cushions are separately scripted too in four theme colours -  lilac, ice, rose and pink. I didn’t find any sort of lagging with the scripts – nice.

Three sit animations and eight relax/laying animations that can also loop in combinations are another fun thing to fiddle with. In fact this lounger’s a whole lot of fiddling!  I like it a lot :) It was easy to alter the poses to fit via the HUD using XYZ co-ordinates. A few clicks and you’re done. Here’s me relaxing on the ice blue version.

Chaise Lounger LACY Fi's Creations

Of course I only have to turn my back in this place and one of my darn cats is on the lounger! Sharlene chose the rosy pink version with toning cushions and she only has three poses – collapse, mate and eat. Poor Sharlene, taking her name in vain here as only today she presented me with a new Copper Bengal kitten with Odyssey Rainbow eyes - wow! Come to think of it, I do pretty well with collapse, mate and eat.

Chaise Lounger LACY 2 Fi's Creations

Chaise Lounger LACY is partial mesh and has a Land Impact of 15. Do go over and visit The Kollective soon, lots of lovely exclusive things to indulge in – shapes, skins, jewelry sets (one from yours truly), furniture and all sorts. It’s on from now until 26th February.

Cheers, m’dears!

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31/01/2014 at 6:22 pm

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POE6 – More Mens Fashion

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So much great fashion for us gents on the POE 6 Hunt! Here’s my second post for menswear, it’s well worth hunting :)

69 Park Avenue is a well established MensWear shop. Designer, Silexe Core, has given us this winter outfit. Three mesh items – coat, jeans and scarf plus one alpha for the lot. Even socks are included so we don’t get our tootsies frozen!

69 Park Avenue

Dot-Be by designer, BonieFacio Boucher, includes a delightful unpacking animation with his hunt gift which I’m sure will bring a smile to the weary hunter’s face! A great double sleeved shirt here, with the peace logo on it. Very useful wardrobe item. I used the L size from the 5 standard sizes. (watch by Robbish)


Orquidea by adriannesuz McMinnar is a vintage and modern clothing provider which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t come across until now. The hunt gift is a smashing set of clothing layer basic rib knit sweaters in black, chocolate and dark red. There’s a tattoo layer included to prevent any imperfections in the clothing layers – excellent.  You’ll get a lot of wear out of these beauties. On top of the sweater is NerdMonkey’s gift – an extensive set of winter fisherman’s rib knit scarves. Extremely easy to stretch to size, the colours include black, cyan, pink, red and yellow. I’ll be using these a lot! (Sunday Jeans in black by by sf design, hair [monso] Jay in black/brown)


Citrus by SissyMo Morrison’s gift is this great double sleeve tshirt and low chucks which are great for tight jeans and shorts as worn here. The tshirt is the standard 5 sizes, I took size L, and the chucks have a resizer with delete option. I loved the Peace texturing on this set :) I’m also wearing the Clinton Flatcap which is part of Xen’s Hats hunt gift. This stylish hat has a resizer with delete option – brilliant!


I loved this hathair by ChiChickie! Hair Salon. So many textures, both for the hat and the hair via a HUD that also had a tinting facility on it. A really useful and versatile gift here.  A chic Mesh shirt/jacket combo is B&W’s hunt gift. Designer, Ayrton Radikal, gives us consistantly good work and this gift is no exception. The gift is offered in the standard 5 mesh sizes, I took a size L here, and Ayrton includes a notecard with recommended sizing for a perfect fit. The cute Japanese ‘Peace and Love’ bag comes in tan and blue canvas shades and includes a ‘hold bag’ animation that doesn’t override whatever else you have on. Wonderful and thank you, designer Uklea of LavandaChic.  (winter jeans in bone by GlamDammit)

ChiChickie B&W

All poses except for the Tuxedo ones are by the lovely Wicca Merlin for Wicca’s Wardrobe. A new set coming up – ‘Gravity’ and an older set, ‘Redneck at Work’ are featured. Wicca knows what poses work for bloggers and models alike! Don’t forget to collect the ‘Angelic’ poses in the POE6 hunt gift.

Now, two smart suits. We’re all going to need at least one of these in our SL lives, both for our own formal functions and also to attend our friend’s special occasions! The first one is the hunt gift of Innuendo Italian Style. By designer, Francesca Bonetto, this classic Italian tuxedo suit comes in one complete Mesh piece and one alpha so it couldn’t be easier or quicker to dress up! Click, click and you’re ready :) The little Christmas Tree brooch is by GDit Jewelry and is texture change for 4 useful metals. Moz slaved over this (lol) so go and get it! (hair Scott 02 by UncleWeb Studio, sf design Emilo shoes)


Second suit by Allie Munro of Grumble. Allie gives us a charcoal jacket and pants plus a shirt and tie combo. These are separates in the standard 5 sizes and fit nicely. I like to wear a size M shirt with a size L jacket over the top and a size M pants underneath. That seems to work really well as far as fitting goes. A great suit – thank you, Allie :)


Phew, I think that’s enough for now as my computer disappears in a haze of steam. Cheers, m’dears!

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14/12/2013 at 8:32 pm

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POE6 – Men’s Fashion

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Part two of my POE 6 blogging extravaganza and I thought I’d showcase some of the men’s fashion on offer. I’m really pleased with the consistent quality of gifts from our favorite designers and I’m sure you will be, too :)

First up is a top by Legal Insanity. Mesh in the standard sizing and I used the L size with no problems, alpha fitted fine. It’s a nice top with three quarter sleeves, great logo and shape. Really liked it! I’ve teamed it up with the Bradley Fedora by Xen’s Hats.  As well as this elegant fedora, designer Xenobia Foxclaw has included the Clinton flatcap for men in blue material and the Alva Headband for girls in brown wool – all controllable by a resizer with delete option.  The texture change mesh scarf by Zanze fits nicely over the top. The scarf comes in three sizes, s, m and l and it has three different textures suitable for the winter season. I chose the plaid one here in a medium size. Everything’s controlled by a useful HUD including delivery.

mens fashion 1

Something completely different by ALB Dream Fashion, a whole costume which has a Hacienda feel to it. I appreciated the mesh pants here, they had a wrinkled appearance cut into the mesh – haven’t seen this before. Hat and loose headscarf can be added separately. There’s also a clothing layer plain black vest which can be worn with the pants as another simpler option. The snail mascot is a fun touch :) Nice versatile boots, too. AnaLee Balut is spoiling us! In the same pack there’s a similar themed costume for ladies.  I used one of the poses from Diesel Works. We get four action poses in the gift - kneeling with hand on top of head, leg in air and hand to ceiling, pose from reverse hip forward and leg forward. Great for blogging.

mens fashion 4

You’ll need to adopt an ethereal shape for this stunning mesh costume by Inga Wind Clothing! I’m joking because Inga has given us a great HUD that resizes and stretches any piece of this costume ‘Angel of Peace’ – wonderful! The winds flap when you fly which is great fun and the globe has an inbuilt animation as shown. Not all angels have white skin!
(Hair is Exile – Far Behind, Men’s Bare Feet 2.0 by Cathy Foil)

mens fashion 2

Inga’s ‘Angel of Peace’ costume again. KittyCatS gift,  ‘Peace Angel’ – an animated revolving kitty chases a halo all around the top of your avatar – extreme cuteness! The pose used is from Wicca’s Wardrobe gift, a set of four angelic poses – two ladies, two gents – but can be used for both genders in practice. I was most impressed with these poses, they looked stylish and accurate :)

mens fashion 3

That’s all for now. Good hunting and cheers m’dears!

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08/12/2013 at 1:36 am

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POE6 – parte uno

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Hello m’dears :)

A return to blogging for me after a bit of a break! We all need those sometimes.

The Peace on Earth Hunt, run by the redoubtable Sequoia, is the oldest and most popular hunt in Second Life. It runs from December 1, 2013 through January 6, 2014.  I’ve been a hunter in the last three, a designer in the last two and a blogger in this hunt, the sixth version.  Going to attempt to showcase the furniture and men’s clothing which I’m sure won’t fit into one post so this is part one.

I am loving the gifts in POE6, the designers have been very generous and produced work of an excellent standard. The furniture is amazing and you’ll be able to furnish your home with a lot of Christmas cheer!


A beautiful screen by SequoiaStyle LI 15, and when you ‘sit’ on the carpet the body is held in ‘dressing pose’ which is suitable for adjustments to apparel and jewelry – ingenious!  By the side is the Louis XVI Style Gilt-Bronze Mounted Mahogany Cabinet in the Manner of Adam Weisweiler, by Malaspina Productions (wing of Joyous Living Store). This ornate cabinet is only LI 2 and has pictures on all three facing sides.

Sequoia style and Malaspina

Park Place – Home and Hearth Fireplace by DeAnn Dufaux. The fireplace and tools are separate so you can use those after the holiday season. There’s a mantle picture, three candles, a poinsettia and a garland with lights to add. All low prim for a very nice display! The fire animation can be clicked on and off.

Park Place bare

Park Place decorated

Ishtari Design Concepts by Alyssa Warden, has given us this stylish mesh set entitled,  ‘Vintage Holiday’. Total LI 16 you get a lot of chic for your house! I really liked this set and appreciated the attention to detail. There’s a working radio which you can touch to choose the music.

Ishtari Design Concepts

True North Designs brings us a piano for LI 9  - wonderful! As is typical with a traditional player piano, one doesn’t actually need to sit down and play – it can play all by itself! However, there is a piano playing animation in the cushion on the stool, so anytime you want to sit down and show off your amazing ivory tickling skills, you can :) Comes with 4 play modes and various tunes.  Thank you, Dellybean!

True North Designs

Zen Creations Tree Scene by Zhoie Zimermann – lots of parts to this set, with the cutest of animations. Touch the tree or the pillow pile and you’ll soon be relaxing and writing Christmas cards and  tying up presents!

Zen Creations 1

Zen Creations 2

Last but not least is a wondrous tree by caLLie cLine.  She calls it the caLLiefornia grown peace tree. The dove has subtle animated sparkles and you can remove him or her to use in your home all year round as a symbol of peace. The stylish white bag can also be used elsewhere.


I think that’s all for this post so get your hunting boots on :)

Cheers, m’dears!

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03/12/2013 at 6:45 pm

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